Abongchiiz, GTB Nagar, New Delhi

Places like Satyaniketan and Delhi University-GTB Nagar area commonly known as Hudson Lane are those where fortunes are made in a single swing. We constantly keep checking the top restaurants on Zomato search. The rankings change almost every month. So we were pretty surprised with this new entry in the rankings, Abongchiiz.

Location of Abongchiiz

Abongchiiz is not located on the main road. The huge sign on the building however can be read easily.

About the restaurant

Three floors of seating. Remember this place is a smoking zone. So the best place for a family seating with children would be the ground floor. For a young and larger one, the first floor is the best which is without tables. Spread out the legs and relax. Seating, ambience and overall interiors are good and nice to sit and eat. Music is playing the background. Nice and funky, but can get a bit blaring at times. Not an issue with the main clientele of this restaurant. The young kids. Service is fast. Food takes time to come. But the wait is worth it.


About the food

We were looking to have Chinese food with some snacks to throw in. A quick search on Zomato threw us this surprise result. This place has been rated very high on Zomato. And once the food arrived, we realized why it is so. Food is not only good, there is a slight experimentation with the original recipe.

We ordered tandoori chicken momos. Taking a few bites we realised there might be a heavy Delhi influence on the food. But the drums of heaven tasted orient. Plus the pulp on the bone was done separately and was soft and crunchy. So the mystery on why the food takes time is also clear. The menu mostly consists of snacks items. But they are not made in an express manner. The food is well prepared. But the surprise was Kheema Pav. The kheema was completely different that what is originally found on the streets of Bombay. No oil at all and a heavy use of milk cream and butter. It was actually a butter chicken kheema. Again the taste was good as also we liked the experimentation.

Other points

The menu is exhaustive and there is a nice collection of drinks and shakes too. And you will be in for a surprise in the end when the bill arrives. The money part of the bill is good as food here is not too steep. And the mouth freshener which comes along is the surprise.

Abongchiiz is all about good food and even better dining experience. Whether they are able to hold the rankings, only time will tell. But as of for now, savor and enjoy the moment.

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