Alkakori Alkauser

Alkakori Alkauser, R K Puram, New Delhi

Alkakori Alkauser is featured on Zomato as a legendary restaurant. It is famous for Galauti Kebab and Kakori Kebab which is their signature dish. Alkakori Alkauser is popular with locals and old timers and people visit this place from all over Delhi. Also famous here is the Luckhnawi Dum Handi Biryani made as close as possible to the original.

Location of Alkakori Alkauser

Alkakori Alkauser is located on Palam Marg in R K Puram, New Delhi. It is right on the main road next to a market and the huge sign boards make it difficult to miss, both during day and night.

Alkakori Alkauser
Entrance to Alkakori Alkauser

On Google Maps its is marked as Al Kakori whereas the actual name of the restaurant is Alkakori Alkauser. Even if you take the flyover or not, this place is located on that stretch where there is a single road.

About the restaurant

There are two seating areas, one for family and other for men. Seating is a bit congested, but comfortable enough to have a meal. The seating is air conditioned. This place originated as a single shop, which is why perhaps the service and planning is still centered around that concept. They only serve bottled water. Once you start believing that this is not a restaurant, but just a seating area to have food, then things begin to fall in place. There is sufficient parking both in front of the restaurant and also on the main road running in front of it.

About the food at Alkakori Alkauser

This restaurant serves Mughlai food. So you have a whole range of kebabs and curries. Their signature dish is the Kakori Kebab which is so soft that it just melts in your mouth. Galauti Kebab is another popular option. There are enough Vegetarian options too. You can also get rolls which is basically kebab wrapped in rumali roti.

Nicely designed menu of Alkakori Alkauser
Nicely designed menu of Alkakori Alkauser

As a true test for any restaurant which advertises Mughlai food, we straightway ordered meat or mutton dishes, both for the starters and mains. For starters we ordered Mutton Shahi Tikka. Now this dish is not marked as their USP or a popular item among the reviewers on Zomato. One bite of Mutton Shahi Tikka and you can say for sure, that Alkakori Alkauser know how to cook their food. True Mughlai tradition, the mutton pieces were soft and tender and nicely marinated with a burnt crust on the outside. Meat here is of top quality. Same is for the dish we ordered for the main course, Luckhnawi Dum Handi Biryani.

About their signature dish Luckhnawi Dum Handi Biryani

This dish forms a part of a different cuisine, the Awadhi Cuisine popularly practiced in Lucknow. In the preparation of Luckhnawi Dum Handi Biryani, the meat or chicken and rice is cooked separately. Then it is placed together in a mud vessel called handi. A lid is placed on top and sealed with dough and then cooked on a slow flame, preferably charcoal. Another feature of Awadhi Cuisine is the use of lesser spices in contrast which Mughlai Cuisine which is rich in taste and spices, with generous use of ghee and dry fruits for example. Aroma is more important and the use of oil is also limited.

All this characteristics are found perfectly in sync in the Luckhnawi Dum Handi Biryani at Alkakori Alkauser. Which is why you will find people either like it or dont. There is nothing in between.

Other points

Service is an issue here as they mainly focus on good food. Takeaway service is fast and efficient. Sometimes it may take time for food to arrive on the table. But once there is food bliss all the way. The place may look a bit downer for outside, but inside seating area is very clean. The briyani handi container made of clay is a take away. I had lots of delightful moments clicking photos of the container.

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