menu at andhra bhavan

Andhra Bhavan, New Delhi

Within the premises of Andhra Bhavan lies a state government run canteen which offers a meal at subsidized rates for the transit people who stay at the guest rooms. It ends up with showcasing a rustic cuisine local to the state and readily accepted by the local population of New Delhi. This results in this place witnessing large crowds and long queues during meal times.

Location of Andhra Bhavan

Andhra Bhavan is located in the proximity of India Gate on the well known street called Ashoka Road. There are two entrances to Andhra Bhavan. The main entrance has parking inside, but visitors to the restaurant cannot park inside. The second entrance prominently marked with the board of a bank is the entrance to the restaurant.

Andhra Bhavan is correctly marked on Google Maps.

About the restaurant

There are some procedures in place, mainly to handle the large crowds in a swift and efficient manner. On entry, payment has to be made in advance. Payment is per head for the basic vegetarian thali which is common. Additional requirement of side dishes have to be paid extra. Also there are lunch, dinner and breakfast timings which are prominently displayed. Menu for breakfast is different.

menu at andhra bhavan

The look and feel of the place aptly depicts a govt run canteen. No surprises there. But dont be mistaken by the looks of it. Delicious food and some efficient service is the mantra here.

Four rows of tables, each with its own supervisor and an army of waiters filling your plates as soon as they are empty. The plates itself are designed to hold limited quantity of everything. A class move to reduce food wastage.

cash counter at andhra bhavan restaurant

About the food

The system here is Eat as much as you can but it is served at your table. Once seated, a plate is placed on the table which has seven sections. So you get four vegetables, rasam, sambar, papad (limited to one only), curd, one sweet dish and a few accompaniments which includes dry cutney, pickle and ghee. The plate is finished off with roti and rice.

thali andhra bhavan

The food preparation is rustic and generous use of spices. They probably must be bringing in their own spices from their state. The tinge of spices remains on your palate for some time. Andhra Bhavan restaurant is all about consistency which is a remarkable achievement considering the quantity of food which they have to cook everyday.

rasam and sambar

Side dishes are the surprise dishes. Mutton, chicken, fish and prawns are available in both curried and dried form. These are really spicy. Portion is limited, but good enough for one person.

Sunday is biryani time and this place sees lots of rush to savor what many claim to be the best biryani in New Delhi.

Andhra Bhavan restaurant easily rates as the best restaurant in any bhavan in New Delhi.

dining hall at andhra bhavan
Typical scene on a lesser crowded day

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