anjlika pastry shop

Anjlika Pastry Shop, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Anjlika Pastry Shop has three outlets in Delhi. The shop at Rajouri Garden is rated much higher than others. Anjlika offers premium bakery experience at no extra charge. The range and quality of their products is astounding.

anjlika pastry shop

Quick Summary

Location – Rajouri Garden, at the other end of Rajouri Garden Market

Type of Restaurant – Bakery without seating

Pricing – Moderate (Card Payment accepted)

USP – Stunning bakery products

Location of Anjlika Pastry Shop

About the bakery

Rajouri Garden has at least three other pastry or cake shops in vicinity. Residential locality is slightly premium. Anjlika is an all in one bakery shop. There are cakes, pastries, biscuits, wide range of chocolate items and some experimentation with dates. It also has some quick bite items like burgers and rolls. And finally other items like ice creams and buns, breads, etc. The range is very large.

As you enter the brightly lit shop, there is a row of counters on the right. There is also an assortment of gift packs kept on display. Gift packs are well packed. The best bet for any occasion. Towards the end of the display there are a couple of tall tables. Here one can stand and have a quick bite. Last counter display is the fast food items. All are freshly prepared for the day and sell off fast. Check out the eggless Apple Pie. Display counters are bright and clean. Towards the far end comes the bakery and bakes. There are many variety of breads and that too freshly baked.

They also sell bakery items like white and dark chocolate strips, ganache, and some chocolate figures. Prices appear to be slightly on the higher side. But the quality offered by them is good. We checked out the Chocolate Truffle pastry. It was rich, fresh and heavy on the chocolate. We did not have a better choco truffle pastry anywhere in a long time.

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Parking is a bit of a chaos here. So keep that in mind before you drive down there.

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