Chicken outside on display of Aslam Chicken

Aslam Chicken, Jama Masjid, New Delhi

Matia Mahal is the road starting from Gate No 1 of Jama Masjid and carries on right till it joins Churi Walan Gali. At the starting of the road is the iconic restaurant, Al Jawahar and what begins is an epic chain of eateries and peaks at the place called Aslam Chicken. Matia Mahal is all about food and the culture of Old Delhi or Purani Delhi.

Location of Aslam Chicken.

It is easy to locate Aslam Chicken. Its right on the main street of Matia Mahal. The restaurant occupies four floors of which the top floor is the kitchen. Here is the location on Google Maps.

Note: On Google Maps it has been marked as Aslam’s Butter Chicken, to differentiate between another restaurant further down the road.


Menu for Aslam Chicken.

This part is simple at its best. There is Chicken Tikka in different quantities, Fish Tikka and Kabab. Rumali Roti is also available.

Chicken Tikka is a normal grilled chicken over a charcoal flame and then it is laced with ghee and cream. This treatment of the chicken gives it a salty and smoked flavor which is second to none. It is served in a bowl and you are sure to lick it clean with your fingers. And be warned, it has loads and loads of calories in it. But again who cares.

Chicken outside on display of Aslam Chicken
Marinated Chicken ready to be grilled

And this is what you are finally served.


Seating is ample and parking is an issue with this place, but a walk is most welcomed. Service is fast and the staff is very polite and courteous. They are obviously aware of the important of keeping their service top notch. Prices are decent and worth each penny. With a half plate chicken tikka and a couple of rumali rotis, you have a full and satisfied tummy.

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