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Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurugram

Baani Square is located in Sector 50, Gurugram. Approaching from Delhi side on the Jaipur Highway, you need to exit the highway to take the Medanta Medicity. Baani Square is a food hub. As on date, the end of 2016, it has not been fully occupied. But once completely full, this place will be any food lovers paradise.

Location of Baani Square

Baani Square is located right on the main road. The prominent landmark is the Hotel Hilton Inn. One can also ask for directions. This mall is multi storeyed. It has its own basement parking. Parking charges are nominal. Parking inside is highly recommended as it is safe and easy. This place is packed with restaurants and different cuisines. Most eating places have a moderately sized menu. The place is hustling and bustling with families and young people. You can definitely find a food joint to match your taste and mood. Many of the restaurant are open till late night. But come 11 o clock, most of them get packing up. So time your meal and visit accordingly. There are many shops which are also located in the Square. The top floor is occupied by a huge gym. A couple of restaurants are delivery only and do not have seating.

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Some notable places to eat in Baani Square

The list goes on and is endless. But the must try is Sandburg Shakes, Tossin Pizza, Coastal Reef, Big Wong and Legends. For desserts, there are many live ice cream joints and places like the Chocolate Room and Heyy Sugar. There are also a couple of good pan shops. But the best one of all is the restaurant Lub Lub Lebanese. This restaurant is run by MasterChef Finalist, Ashish Singh. Watch this space for a detailed review on Lub Lub Lebanese.


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