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Barbeque Nation, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Barbeque Nation is a celebration of good food. Grill served on the table, buffet lunch, sweets and salads and lots of happy people. Barbeque Nation has hit the right chords with its customers.

Location of Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation has recently shifted to a new location, mid 2016 to be exact. In its earlier location there was a space constraint and a huge parking problem. The new location in Unity One mall just a few blocks away has solved all its problems in one go.

Unity One mall has acres and acres of parking. It has multiple brand showrooms, a croma outlet and a huge Hypercity outlet in the basement. This place will eventually be the one stop destination for the entire family.

About the restaurant

The restaurant is located on the second floor of Unity One Mall. The building has lift access and parking on each floor. At the time of writing of this article, there is no parking available on the second floor itself. The restaurant is bigger and smartly divided into number of sections by partitions. The restaurant opens for three hours for lunch and then four and half hours in the evening. Reaching half an hour within the opening time will get you an early bird discount. More about it later.

barbeque nation

There are tables for twos, fours and larger. This restaurant can handle large groups with ease. They actually encourage you to come in a group and celebrate any occasion. They make it a point to ask all customers if there is any special occasion. Birthday cake with a small celebration is complimentary. Talking about complimentary, there is a long list of items and services which are complimentary. More about that too later.

About the service

This is a rare instant when thetimelock has dedicated a separate paragraph for service. Service at this restaurant is above par and atleast a several notches higher than many restaurants providing similar services. As you are escorted to your table, you will be first visited by the person who takes down details like timings, number of persons, etc. Next comes the server who will be bringing food to your table, especially the snacks. And lastly the person incharge of food preparation also comes to enquire about your experience.

All throughout they keep asking our choices and stick to it. They also take down preferences regarding the level of spices required. They will never miss out the complimentary items and provide you with tips regarding the live counter and any of your queries.

grill at the table

About the food

Food is primarily divided in five broad categories. First comes the starter, which is the main attraction of Barbeque Nation. For that a grill is placed on your table. And then skewers are placed on it depending on the choice you have given of Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian. There is fish, chicken, prawns, paneer, mushroom, pineapple and potatoes. The servers keep asking you before placing anything on the grill.

barbeque nation

Next is the Live Counter. Here we get Chicken Shawarma or dal. The food items from the live counter is self service, but if required the servers can serve it at your table. Self service is a little better as it is fun watching the dish prepared in front of you with customization options.

img_3333 img_3336

The main meal is buffet system. There are three types of non vegetarian curries and two types of biryani. There are lots of options for other items like vegetable, noodles, rice, etc. The soup is also self service and can be customized as per choice. The food counter is common for both vegetarian and non vegetarian. No matter what is the size of diners, someone is always checking the food in the containers to see nothing runs short.

Do not miss the dessert

Next comes the sweets, fruits and salads. For alternative to the main meal, there is a whole range of salad. There are fresh cut fruits and fruit pudding. Desserts or sweets is also a whole range of options like Double ka meetha, walnut brownie, blueberry cake and so on. After all this, if there is still some appetite left, there is the live kulfi counter. Like all the food, kulfi is also delicious and should not be missed.

About the pricing

This place is more expensive than compared to similar restaurant offering buffet services. But the food, both quality and quantity and service is above par. There is a pricing difference for week days and week ends, lunch and dinner and for kids upto 9 years of age. If you time your entry right, the early bird discount for week days and suddenly you have the best pricing of all.

It is also a good idea to call up the restaurant to check up the latest offers if available. For the price you pay, you get complimentary mineral water and one drink per head. This is one place which you are going to enjoy with family and friends in a long long time.

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