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Beeryani, GK 2, New Delhi

Beeeryani at Greater Kailash 2 or GK 2 is the second outlet of the successful merger of beer and biryani at SDA. The trademark of Beeryani is soft music, live screening of sports events and good draught beer. Are they able to replicate their success at Beeryani GK 2. Well lets read on.

Location of Beeryani GK 2

Beeryani is located in the vicinity of M block market in GK 2. There are a lot of eateries around in this upscale location. All the roads are circular and semi circular. Plus they are narrow. There are a few surprises in the form of one ways. Follow the Google Map closely to reach your destination.

About the restaurant

This one has been made on the same lines as their SDA outlet. Two floors of seating. Not much space wasted. No dance floor, no blaring music. Lighting is dim enough to set the moods for a swing of beer. This place too ticks the right boxes. The decor is all about beer. Wall hangings and graffiti, all beer celebrations. The bar is tucked away in a neat corner. Seating is mostly tables arranged in fours and sixes. Parking outside is paid but sufficient. Compared this with the restaurant at SDA, we find more chaos and traffic snarls there. Here at GK 2 there is more peace and quiet.

beeryani gk 2

About the menu and food and beer

All the three things are lifted straight out of the SDA restaurant. Now the recipe for success was the three litre tower of draught beer which is just under a thousand rupees. This is a deal breaker for Delhites who are crazy about their drinks. That one is as low as it can get. So for a group of two or three, a Kingfisher Tower is sufficient. For heavy drinkers they offer a one plus one scheme. This is also an attractive offer. Now since the consumption is so high, the draught beer here is generally fresh and nice tasting. They have a couple of foreign brands like Bira and Witlinger. Overall this is the best beer destination in Delhi. They are however getting a tough competition from the chain ‘The Beer Cafe’ which is springing up multiple outlets all across Delhi.

Food is a nice selection and mix of snacks and full meals. Fully keeping in mind the fact that the focus is mostly on beer. Prices are reasonable considering the portions and service. We ordered the customary peanuts and french fries. No problem with taste and service again.

So which is the best

This is one debate that one should not really get into. But there invariably will be one. I feel Beeryani GK 2 will eventually edge out its senior cousin. At the moment, both are doing well. Great places to enjoy a round of beer with friends, strike a good conversation and enjoy a good meal afterwards.

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