Beeryani, SDA, New Delhi

Beeryani is a catchy name and it discloses its intentions early on. But this restaurant goes much beyond the name. A nice place to sit in small groups, talk with friends and sip on your favorite beer. And all this are some unbelievable prices. This place is a beer festival, all year long.

Location of Beeryani

Beeryani is located in the uptown place, SDA market. SDA stands for Safdarjung Development Enclave. SDA market has some good restaurants. And it is well marked on Google Maps. SDA market is located right on the Outer Ring Road.

About SDA Market and the restaurant

In the daytime, SDA market is a hub of business activity. But as the evening sets in, it suddenly transforms into a restaurant hub. It is crowded with diners, even on week days. And on weekends, you might have to wait for your turn at many places. Beeryani has its fair share of crowds too. SDA market also has a wine and beer shop like most markets in New Delhi. But there is no problem of customers insisting to consume their spirits right in front of the shop in SDA market. Even if the do, you might not get scared of them. This a good neighborhood. Paid Parking is expensive. But better than most places. At least there is no traffic jam in the parking, which is a common scene in places like Malviya Nagar or Defense Colony.


Beeryani has two floors of seating. The space might appear cramped, but is well managed. A giant screen is easily viewed by people sitting on both floors. Lights and dimmed and so is the music. This makes conversation go on easily. There is no dance floor and hence no DJ. So this place is all about beer. There is a smoking area on the top floor. Alternatively you can always go outside. No hookah business here thankfully.

About the beer and the biryani

The difference between a draught beer and bottled beer is the freshness. Bottled beer contains glycerine added as a preservative. Unfortunately this makes it sweeter and adds on empty calories. Draught beer on the other hand needs some infrastructure for handling. Beer canisters have to be mixed with CO2 on the fly, super frozen and then dispensed. But what you get is fresh beer, as close to the one brewed recently. Beeryani claims the beer to be a week old, at the most. Most customers prefer the Kingfisher brand. This place also stocks major domestic and foreign brands in their bottled avatar.

Biryani in such a place might just look as an after though, but it is not. They actually give most of the top restaurants serving biryani, a run for their money. After enjoying your beer, you can top it off with some delicious biryani. Biryani is smooth and light without too much of oil.

Draught beer however takes you to a different level. Since there is a large consumption at this place, on can safely assume that the beer stock, at least from Kingfisher has to be fresh. You might almost find the beer to be tasting differently than other places. Beeryani does qualify as the best place to have beer in New Delhi.

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