Beliram Degchiwala

Beliram Degchiwala, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

Beliram Degchiwala is featured here on thetimelock because it is always crowded. We have been there thrice and all the time it was the same. Once the restaurant had to put up a closed sign with the customers sitting inside when it was nearing its closing time. Do they make their mark as the very best, well almost.

Location of Beliram Degchiwala

Location of Beliram Degchiwala is correctly marked on Google Maps and spelt correctly too. It is situated in the middle of a row about 15 restaurants lined up on one side of the road. There are some big names here and so this place has some tough competition. Location is right on the main road.

About the place

This restaurant looks nice and cute. It is not too big which means limited seating. But within that they have adjusted a kitchen and a nice arrangement of tables both big and small. Seating is flexible enough to accommodate large families. There is also some seating outside only for waiting. This place tends to get crowded so be careful and ready for some wait. But once inside, the service is fast. The lighting and decor is so good, it sets you in the mood straight way. Parking is a big issue and there are always traffic snarls on the busy street.

About the food

I was a bit taken aback by the crowd. That this place does not serve alcohol and no music and yet it is crowded. Beats all logic. And for a rare occasion I do not agree with the ratings of users on Zomato. Take away might be an issue as the food they serve is supposed to be eaten fresh. But there is still no logic for the low rating. Anyway, food is good. Real good. Chicken and Mutton is nicely cooked and fresh. Vegetarian dishes are also good. Chinese is surprisingly also tasty and nice. Not upto the mark, but still above notch over the rest. Dont miss the drinks. Nice preparation there too. Prices are not too high and portions are generous.

The final word

Restaurants in New Delhi make brisk business, notwithstanding the varying food quality and quantity. Such a rush will always pose a challenge as far as consistency is concerned. But if you ignore minor issues, Beliram Degchiwala is actually a star in its own right. All the best for the management to reach greater heights.

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