the biryani co

The Biryani Co, Moti Bagh, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

Hyderabad Royalty at your doorstep. This is what The Biryani Co advertises and thankfully delivers too. Say Hi to some seriously tasty Hyderabadi cuisine in Satyaniketan.

Location of The Biryani Co

There are sources to take the location of this place. Google maps and Zomato. Google maps the marking is correct. There is an error in listing on Zomato. Hopefully they should correct the error soon. There is also a second marking on Google maps which is again wrongly marked. That should be rectified soon too. This restaurant is not a part of Satyaniketan. It is located some distant away in the village area. This place can also be missed from the main road. Best to follow Google Maps.

About the restaurant

This place is primarily a take away restaurant types. So if there is a choice go for home delivery. There is a very limited seating. But the place is designed in such a way that you will not have a much good time seating and having food. Just three tables. Also not too much space on the tables. Cutlery is also very basic. There is limited parking available outside the restaurant. The main road is very busy with traffic. Another reason not to visit this place for food. Make your choice wisely.

About the food

This restaurant has been consistently highly rated on Zomato. The reviewers have praised the food for its taste. Infact it is a combination of good food, fresh ingredients, nice recipe and fast service. Cherry on the top is the astonishingly low prices. Chicken 65 for just Rs 150, amazing. I ordered the Chicken 65 to eat at the table and parceled the chicken biryani. The quantity of biryani is huge for the price. It is perfectly cooked with nicely marinated pieces of chicken. Not too much of oil is used in the preparation. Rice is nice and fluffy. Packing is also of good quality. This restaurant will give many big places a run for their money. Highly recommended, but dine in or takeaway, choice is yours.

The Biryani Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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