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Book Review : Crimson Twilights : Read, Live, Love

Love is a feeling that makes the world go around.

So much has been written about love, yet every time just a mention and heart melts and a few words escape our lips. Indeed, one of the most satisfying emotion by our creator. Love is central to all emotions. But the lethality of love means that it is bound to bring other emotions along. And this is the time when two people seemingly in love will be put under testing times.

Crimson Twilights by Megha Rathee Tokas is all about people in love. It is a collection of short stories, seven to be precise, invoking each of the seven sins. Not each story has a routine ending, But as each story finishes, we feel exactly the way the author intends. That in the end, love conquers all.

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crimson twilights

About the author Megha Rathee Tokas

I have the good fortune of knowing the author as our paths did cross a few years back. Be it writing short essays or speeches, the author always had a command over the written and spoken word. Ability to use everyday situations to weave a story is always there, but I was caught by surprise with the book release. Not much was known about her working on a book. It would have taken years of effort to get together the content. Part of the challenge is the source of her inspiration, The Indian Army. The deal with Army officers and their ladies is that every story is a love story. So not an easy task to shortlist seven out of the hundreds one can come across within just a span of a decade.

Crimson Twilights – Read Live Love

Twilight is that time of the day when the sun has just submerged or about to emerge from the horizon. Sun rays diffusing with atmosphere paint the sky in a hue of colors. Orange, yellow, red, pink and purple effect to the horizon. Crimson on the other hand is a shade of red originating from kermes insect. It is basically formed by adding a tinge of blue with red. Crimson red today is made by a number of alternative methods, but the original bright red color extracted from insects represented color of blood, color of passion and love.

Right at the preface, the author explains the concept of Crimson Twilight, and hence setting up the tone for what is to come. Short story, a sweet beginning and then the unexpected twist and the finish. One cant help but take a pause after each story to simply admire the way it is written and wow about the story. But very soon the mind is drawn towards the next one, in anticipation. That way, one might finish the book in one session. But that is how it was always meant to be.

The bottom line

Crimson Twilights by Megha Rathee Tokas is a wonderful read. Modern love stories have sex content to attract more readership. Crimson Twilights has simple love stories and connected emotions. At just 138 pages, it does leave the reader asking for more. Which is why I will be eagerly waiting for the next series. The book is available on Amazon in two versions, Kindle as well as paperback. It is reasonably priced and excellent gift option for readers of all ages. Ordering online is easy and standard delivery time of Amazon. The cover page of a couple holding hands and balancing each side of the rail track is though provoking. The publisher Notion Press has done an excellent work of getting the book together. Print quality and reading comfort is excellent.

ISBN-13: 978-1948352024


Crimson Twilights by Megha Rathee Tokas


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