Book Review : Lei A wreath for your soul.

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Lei is a garland or a wreath. It can be made of anything from flowers to leaves and beads. Lei A wreath for your soul is a series of short poems aptly illustrated with photographs. Here are a few examples from the book, Lei A wreath for your soul.


A soft tender touch

To soothe the sore sting of

Human greed for tusk.

A tusker in Kaziranga National Park.









Whistle Blower

Shadows eerily look

Sound death knell, the valiant

knight falls

Near a broken bell.

Path of a Whistle Blower.










World in a Droplet

While I was seeking

the world far and wide, it shrunk


the tiny water droplet!

Water Droplets on the tip of a leaf.









Fire Within

Scattered raindrops,

spatter din, she braves the dark


Glowing Fire within.

Burning embers









Humans wrote poetry as a medium to transfer knowledge or work of art or to convey a message to the society. Poem were composed in blocks so that they were easy to memories. Be it the longest epic the Mahabharata or the Vedas, they all are in form of poetry.

How easy is a poem to memorize depends on how well it is written. This is a gift very few people possess. Writing a poetry is an art, and like all art forms it is the author trying to tell us something. Scholars are still discovering the Vedas and every time one sees or reads Mahabharata, you are bound to find a new thing to learn.

In Lei A wreath for your soul, the author writes about four topics, Nature, Life, Inspiration and Illusion. Most poems are written in Japanese style, Haiku or Tanka.

A Tanka is a Japanese form of poem consisting of

31 syllables in 5 lines,

with 5 syllables in the first and third line

and 7 in the others.

A Haiku is a Japanese form of poem that has

17 syllables in 3 lines,

with 5 syllables in the first and third lines

and 7 in the second.

So nothing can get more technical than writing a Tanka or Haiku!

About the author Somali K Chakrabarti.

An engineer with management qualifications, Somali K Chakrabarti is a consultant, coach, content creator and creative blogger. Drawing inspiration from nature, art, philosophy, culture, history, and science, she has woven this wreath of short poems to spark imagination, provoke thought and recharge the soul.

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An interesting fact about a poem.

Bridegroom, dear to my heart, Goodly is your beauty, honeysweet,

The opening lines of the world’s oldest love poem, on display at the Istanbul Museum of Ancient Orient. This ancient Sumerian Tablet is believed to be 4000 years old and was discovered in 1880s by accident!

Kindle link to the ebook of Lei A wreath for your soul.

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