burger king sector 10

Burger King, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi

Burger King is a large fast food chain. Food at such places usually is the look good feel good type. But this place is strikingly different than most places. So what is it that separates this one from most of the run of the mill fast food outlets.

Location of Burger King

No problem with Google maps here. Correctly marked and easily located from the road.

About the restaurant and the food

Food is the standard fare of Burger King chain. This chain is known to have strict quality control and taste which makes eating here an enjoyable experience. What makes this place even stand out more is the interiors. Once you place an order, you can seat yourself in any of the super comfy seats and a soothing decor. The highlight of this place is the view. High stools facing against a window where you can enjoy your meal watching the traffic outside. The perfect settings for family fun. Food does not take much time to arrive. This is a self service place. The whole seating area is on another floor and is neat and clean. This place is also not too crowded. So very less chances of waiting.

Burger King is ofcourse famous for burgers. They have a range of burger options covering veg and non veg. Then there are these deal option which make up a good meal. Rings and strips are a nice side dish options. The standard beverages options are also available. And then finally there is the big boss whooper. Though it looks monster in size, it is actually not. A whopper combo is the fullest mini meal in Burger King. You also get a nice decorative paper crown to be worn with pride and style.

Burger King fits in just right as the complete family food entertainment. A good place to sit and eat. A place fit for Kings.

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