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Cafe Delhi Heights, Ambience Mall, Gurugram

Big size burgers are not easily available in Delhi. Cafe Delhi Heights chain has excelled in the preparation of the Juicy Lucy Burger. Smoke on Water comes close with their big boy burger. But it does not have a knife stabbed in the middle. So till the time we discover the big burgers in Delhi, it is juicy lucy time again. This time it is in Ambience Mall, Gurugram.

cafe delhi heights

Location of Cafe Delhi Heights, Ambience Mall

Cafe Delhi Heights is located in Ambience Mall. It is on the same floor of that of the food court. But it is a separate outlet. It is located last in one of the series of restaurants in a single line.

About Cafe Delhi Heights

The restaurant is all about peace and quiet. This is the only place where there is no one standing outside the restaurant door to welcome guests. Or to bring in potential drifters. The whole place is neat, clean and bright. Serving of alcohol here is not an issue. You can sit here comfortably with family. Music if there is actually playing in the back ground. A few scattered screens around show live sports events. Their USP in seating are three booths which have a dedicated TV and can seat six. They also have an ultra large seating along with the huge glass windows which give a good view of outside. This is the place where family, friends, drinks and good food comes together.

Like all other branches of Delhi Heights, this one too has the flavor of Delhi all over its look and feel. Attention to detail is phenomenal. Menu is a treat to read. Things like coasters and wall decor is all about the fun city called Delhi. You can actually pass time sorting around the details all around.

cafe delhi heights

About the food

Last time we were inside a Cafe Delhi Heights restaurant, it was all about the juicy lucy. But there is more that this restaurant can offer. The food options are simply marvelous. Large large variety in the menu. Each item is good and tasty. Prices are expensive, but the taste beats all expectations. Also some dishes come with complimentary sides. This balances out the pricing a bit.Portions are good enough for enough.

Service is good. Food takes time to arrive. But the wait is worth it. If bottled water is not a compulsion, go for regular water because it has a minty surprise. The place is super comfortable to relax and enjoy a small talk. We tried the chicken wings which came with chips. And of course the Juicy Lucy Burger. It is huge size burger, with a knife right through. The knife first serves to hold the burger together as it is presented to the lucky one. Then the person is encouraged to slice the burger in pieces. For a first timer, there awaits a surprise as the patty splits hot juices ooze out. Do take time for them to cool down before devouring the burger. The waiter over here does not offer the customer the choice of slicing the burger. There is a count in each restaurant branch as to how many these big size burgers have been sold till date. For many other food items on the menu, it is the same goodness. It is amazing how good the food is and how they are consistent across all branches.

juicy lucy burger at ambience mall gurugram

Cafe Delhi Heights is all about the food and spirit of Delhi.

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