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Cafe Foreground, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

It is very difficult to shortlist restaurants to review in Rajouri Garden. There are so many in numbers. And they are mostly all good due to the tough competition. After visiting The California Boulevard there was always a search on for the next restaurant to be reviewed. Cafe Foreground happens to be the next obvious choice. Why, read on.

Location of Cafe Foreground

Cafe Foreground and Rajouri Garden

The road west of Rajouri Garden Metro Station is the most happening restaurant hub in Delhi. Not in terms of numbers, but good enough considering the space available. Traffic in evenings is bumper to bumper. Paid parking is handled by an army of parking attendants. Peppy music coming in from the scores of dance floors. But there is a sharp contrast during the day time. Best time to check out the service and other things in details. It is one such afternoon that we visited Cafe Foreground based on its rating on Zomato.

cafe foreground

About the restaurant and service

The tag cafe means something. Interiors are good. Furniture is different. If available go for the roof top seating which has plenty of light. They have two floors of seating. Another floor is expansion, based on demand. A music station and platform means there is a dance floor. Afternoon time is quiet time. Service is good and kicks off right from the word go. This place also serves liquor and have sheesha. We wrongly assume that restaurants which serve hard drinks can afford not to concentrate much on the food part. But in Cafe Foreground as I asked the supervisor for recommendations, he went on and on about how they pay detailed attention to food. A special change in mayonise and a well marinated chicken tikka laced with thai chillies aptly named Tikha Chicken Tikka. So following the supervisors suggestions, I decided to experiment.

Food menu

Food Menu has bar snacks, soup, salads, platters, pizza, pasta, Chinese and local mains and desserts. There is an interesting option called Bento which is a combo meal. Another interesting thing which caught the eye is charcoal menu with grilled option. Anyway one of the item ordered arrived and the supervisor updated me with the progress of the next one coming up. He was also asking me about how the food was and whether is was up to expectations. He also suggested me to try the mayo, which I mostly avoid. All this was done without being too intrusive. This place knows how to have a balanced conversation with the customers.

The first item we had ordered was Garlic bread. This came with the green salad and mayo. And complimentary drink before that meant I already had quite some food. The presentation for the Teekha Chicken Tikka was good. Huge chicken chunks on a grill and some charcoal pieces beneath to keep it warm enough. Nice green chutney to go by.

And yes, the chicken was well marinated, soft and the spices where little extra spicy. The heat did not hit me till I had finished off all the chicken.

Other points

Price wise, this place will be a bit costly. But food and service is good. The menu has ample items which are common local food and hence familiar. Other items have mostly twist in the originals. The twists have been handled well.

Café Foreground Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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