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Cafe Me, Janakpuri, New Delhi

The definition of a Cafe is a small restaurant which serves quick bite type items. In a Cafe it is ok to order just a cup of coffee and sit out in the sun and read a newspaper or a novel. That experience has been replicated in one of the block markets in Janakpuri, Cafe Me. As you step into Cafe Me Janakpuri, you are transported to a different world. Best time to visit is early afternoon and enjoy a solo meal in peace. Cafe Me will surprise you in many aspects.

Location of Cafe Me

About Cafe Me Janakpuri

Cafe Me has been designed with great care. Theme is casual and comfortable. But the lighting and setup can deliver a semi formal meal experience also. Seating is a mix of sofa type and chair type. Can accommodate large group easily. Sofa seating is relaxing. There are even high chairs at one side. But the highlight of the cafe is outside seating. Best to enjoy the winter sun. This place also has its own bakery. The bakery counter is separate and has a large variety of items. I picked up a couple of them and they are good, at least above par than many places in the neighborhood.

The menu is the main attraction of this place. There is a pizza oven outside. Which means this place will have a good pizza menu. The first page of the menu is dominated by the all day breakfast option. Many restaurants in Delhi are offering an all day breakfast. The breakfast menu here is filling. Plus there is another menu placed on the table which is primarily a local menu option. Here you also have an Indian breakfast. This menu also has some exotic items like totters soup. Next items on the menu are starters and platters. Primarily to cater for singles or couples and groups. Then a few pages of full meals. Both veg and non veg options here. Meals are primarily Italian. Then there is pasta, burger, sandwich and lastly the drinks which are mojitos, smoothies and mocktails.

The menu is pretty long. There are so many variations, one wonders how they manage it. We ordered a breakfast option. Food arrived fast. Service is good. Waiters are able to explain the options of the menu. They are not too many of them milling around. Just one waiter was enough to handle the couple of tables.

Some other points

Just keep in mind the prices. Good food and good service in a nice place. But prices are on the higher side. Esp considering the locality. But full value for money at Cafe Me Janakpuri. Parking and reaching there is a slight issue. Lots of traffic in the evenings.

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