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Cafeteria & Co., Satyaniketan, New Delhi

Some restaurants in Satyaniketan come and go in a flash. One season wonder. Others are there for ever. Once such place which comes to mind in terms of forever is QD’s. Another potential contender who has recently come up in the student eating hub is Cafeteria & Co. After having a successful run with their unusual menu in Vijay Nagar, Hudson Lane, now it is the turn of Satyaniketan.

Location of Cafeteria & Co. Satyaniketan

Cafeteria & Co. Satyaniketan is located on the main road. It is closer to the Ring Road side.

About the restaurant

Cafeteria & Co. Satyaniketan occupies three floors of restaurant space. Its unique exteriors is surely going to help it to become a landmark. A small board announces that this place is run by the same group which runs QDs. Understandably, we now know how the efficient service and good food comes from. Interiors are done up very well. Art, graffiti, decor and style, it is all there. There are primarily tables for four and six. There are also cosy corners for couples. Second & third floor seating gives good view of the university area.

About the menu and the food

This place has a strange menu. It is not the common run of the mill items which are served by most restaurants catering for the student community. I specially called the waiter to explain the menu to me. This he did very patiently. He also made the final choice for me, fully confident that he now understands what I want. The only thing what I was banking on was that the portions should not be humongous. Looking at the prices on the menu and the description, I thought I had made a fair estimate of the food which I had to eat. I ordered one beer battered prawn. This item costs just Rs 179. And this what you get on your table.

cafeteria and co. satyaniketan

Five jumbo sized prawns in a thick oily batter. Now thats a meal in itself. Clubbed this with Garlic Bread, I had a stomach full. That is the USP of Cafeteria & Co. Satyaniketan. Amazing food at unbelievable price.

The menu consists of mostly of burgers and pizza. Plus there is a whole list of full meals. And there is starters and half meals. To finish it off, we have shakes and sundaes. Most items on the menu sound good. It will take numerous trips to this place to do justice to the menu. The menu will also easily appeal to the student community.

Service is good and food does not take much time to arrive. Since this restaurant has opened up new, there will be a few hiccups here and there. But overall this place has a lot of promise and is the racehorse for a long run.

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