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China Wall, Ambience Mall, New Delhi

In our quest to look out for and review restaurants which have low rating on Zomato, we came across China Wall in Ambience Mall. Last time we saw how a pastry and cake shop in a prime location was not rated well by customers. The primary reasons were stale food and bad customer service. China Wall has been rated average 1.8 out of 5 on Zomato. Let us check out this restaurant and find out about the low ratings.

Location of China Wall

China Wall is located in the Food Court of Ambiance Mall. It is located on the third floor. This floor has lots of restaurants and eating outlet. So there are lots of options. Also there is lots of competition.

About the restaurant

China Wall is a small restaurant which is part of the Food Court of Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon. The food court has an impressive collection of eating joints. Lots of choices for all tastes. The food court is neat and clean. There is someone always keeping an eye in things. Seating is ample and there is kids playing area nearby. Perfect setting to enjoy a good meal.

China Wall has the best Chinese menu. Prices are on the higher side though, slightly higher. Almost all items listed on the menu can be prepared quick and fast. People also order sizzlers which is again priced reasonably.

Why is the rating so low

Most of the reviewers have complained about the stale food. We ordered for Chilly Chicken which is classic item and nothing can go wrong. The chicken chunks were stale. Reviewers have also complained about the lack of taste and mixing of spices. This shows some untrained staff in the kitchen. More than one reviewer has written that their Manchow soup was like chicken clear soup and it is served without fried noodles. Some reviewers have complained about hygiene issues and smell from food. It is sad that the food court authorities are not checking the kitchens of the food joints.

Service is fast and infrastructure and ambiance is already there. A little training of the cooks and a sprinkling of motivating can take this place to better ratings. Also the food court needs to get their act together. Taste of the food items served and user ratings do matter a lot.

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