common asian toad

Common Asian Toad – Just sitting there all day!

Toads are huge and lazy. They have short legs which make them clumsy. Lets have a look at these beautiful creatures. Today we have the Common Asian Toad and some dark light photography with artificial lights. But before we go further lets discuss the difference between a frog and toad.

Differences between frog and toad

Frog is slim and agile while a toad is large and lazy because of its size. Frogs have slim and strong hind legs. This gives them ability to jump across large distance. Toads have short and fat legs. This creates problems for them if they have to jump. They eventually do jump, but very short distance. Toads are more comfortable walking.

Frogs spend more time in water. They have a moist skin which is kept that way. So frogs are slimy to touch and slippery too. Toads are dry and they have a rough skin.

Even though toads are dry, they secrete toxins which are harmful for humans. In comparison, frogs are harmless with the exception of a few species like Poison Dart Frogs.

Habitat wise you are more likely to find a toad in your backyard or garden while a frog is more likely to be near or around water. Both frogs and toads are very sensitive to changes in environment. If pollution causes changes in your surroundings it is they who will show signs first.

Frogs will have beautiful patterns while a toad will have only warts. Some scientists believe that wart patterns are individual in nature.

Frogs have eyes which are huge and bulge out. Their agility makes them want to see more. Toad eyes are more subdued.

Toad is more likely to sit there all day and crawl around. It waits for the prey to come closer.

Common Asian Toad

Common Asian Toad can grow up to 20 cms in size. It has a distinct spectacle design around the eyes which gives it a spectacled look. Like the frog, the toad too lays its eggs in water and they breed during monsoon when water is plenty. Males are large in size and more in numbers than females. Males can be loud.

The head is bony and has distinct ridges all across. They are nocturnal and can be seen around artificial lights waiting for they prey.

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