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Cyber Hub Social, DLF Cyber City, Gurugram

The last time we walked into a social series of restaurants, it was the Hauz Khas Social. A lazy Sunday afternoon and we loved the place a lot. Indoor and outdoor seating, overlooking the beautiful lake. Good food and great service. Great time amidst peaceful settings. Recently we decided to try out Nehru Place Social, but the loud music was a downer, especially with the children in tow. Recently while searching for a lunch spot in Cyber Hub we tentatively entered the Cyber Hub Social and boy we had a real good time…once again.

Location of Cyber Hub Social

Cyber Hub Social is within the DLF Cyber City, Gurugram. It is a popular landmark and you can ask anyone for directions.

About the decor and setup

As you approach the restaurant, you are somewhat taken aback by both the exteriors and interiors. For those who have not visited Mumbai and somehow missed the housing concept of chawls on the silver screen will find this place intriguing. Chawl is a concept of social living originated in Mumbai during the textile mills boom during the early 1900s. There is a common room for living space and another smaller room as kitchen. This low cost housing was created to cater for the large demand of migrant workers. Restricted spaces means families spilled in the common spaces and social interaction was very popular. With chawls no longer built, we have secluded holes and spaces which are the modern day apartments. Cyber Hub Social is a tribute to social housing concept in Mumbai, well on its way to extinction.


Interiors are split in two types, the big seating hall and small booths. Outside seating is also available but recommended for just a couple or group of four. Booths or cabin are designed for quiet and privacy. A sure shot hit for small groups wanting to strike a long conversation. There is even a long conference hall styled dining space. It does not look at all like a dining table. Though there is enough seating, there are times when there will be waiting. Get ready for a crowded scene during week ends. Off times, this place might be occupied by customers wanting to sit long hours and enjoy a breakfast. More about that in the menu part. The central part of the main dining hall has been cleverly designed as a make shift dance floor which can be activated as required.

About the food

The exhaustive food menu is actually divided in two parts. Small and big bites and regular meals. The small bites or snacks are actually a meal in itself. But to have a filling meal, go for the breakfast options. Both the all day breakfast or social breakfast trays are a hit. Then there are snacks called munchies. Other options for a small meal are burgers and sandwiches. Burgers are pretty huge in size.

There are a few options for Ladi Pao. This soft and fluffy bread finds its origins in ancient Mumbai. Ladi Pao is very common in Mumbai and the taste is unique. Though it is simple to prepare and is generally mass produced, it is difficult to replicate the same in a home kitchen. As far as I know, there is no ladi pao available outside Mumbai. The popular vegetarian restaurant, Imly served this pao, and so does all of social. And finally do keep some space for some amazing desserts and shakes.

The service

Food presentation is good. Food takes time to arrive. But once it comes, it arrives in a nice spaced batch. This means you can finish your series of snacks with time on your hands. This part is managed by the restaurant well. Tables are numbered in style. I think there is a lady manager for this place. High level of coordination there. Menu prices are a surprise. Very very moderate for the services and quality provided. The full meals are a little pricey. Portions are also a bit wanting the full or regular meals.

The bar menu is also exhaustive. A Well stocked bar is always the center of activity. This place has a monster bar. Lots of options for everyone. Presentation like food is also good. Check out the wonderful cocktails.

Other points

This place shows up on zomato as having a smoking area. Dont know what it means. But there is no smoking, not even hukkah. Parking is outside and there is a long walk to this place. But the walk is good. Table booking is not available.

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