En Dee’s Samaroh Dhaba

It’s been a while that we have been in Tezpur and always on the hunt for ethnic cuisine. After drawing a blank till now, Boss asked us to check up Highway on my Plate for references, never realizing all this while the Fifth one on the list of top Dhabas in India is right here!
It’s very easy to miss Samaroh. It’s on the left side of the road, about a kilometer short of the Brahmaputra Bridge from Tezpur side, as you go towards the Jorhat-Naugaon highway. In fact we had crossed it a number of times, always leaving it to check out later. The entire hotel complex is made of bamboos which in itself are a construction marvel and a treat for the eyes made sore by concrete. There are three main sections. The dining hall at the entrance is a huge bamboo room. Cool and airy, it’s perfect for a hot Sunday afternoon. Next the bamboo huts to seat eight or more and lastly an open seating again bamboo furniture. Local music playing in the background, cool breeze swirling, right in the middle of lush green fields,  it’s the perfect setting to enjoy some serious food. Choice of seating should be purely dictated by the time of the day and the season, but be careful, as the setting are very rustic and the A/C dining hall types will be uncomfortable.




There are two hundred plus items on the menu. Fish, Chicken, Mutton, Vegetables, Prawn, Pork, Duck and Pigeon are on the menu. Variations for each are Curry, Masala or dry fry. Check out the Bamboo Shoot, again dry and curry combined with the above. Roti and rice are standard fare. Dont miss out the signature chutneys/pickles made from vegetables.

Food is typical dhaba type and spicy with generous use of oil and masalas. Strictly local ingredients and fresh stuff enhance the overall taste. They take time to serve which is good as you can be sure that it’s freshly cooked. You leave the place with a satisfying feeling. Check out the review by the famous duo from HOMP!

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