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Fast Food trail near Chembur Suburban Station

The locality of Chembur is none like any in Mumbai. Chembur has grown over the years. But the central hub of activity always remains the Chembur Station area. West side of Chembur Station was predominantly designed as a residential area and hence is devoid of shops and markets. The eastern part however came us as a nice shopping destination. This market remains the best place to shop for anything at wonderful rates and an enjoyable shopping experience.

Shopping is in general boring for the men folk. But Chembur Station area has a generous sprinkling of restaurant and eateries. So there is always the attraction of a wonderful snack after the round of shopping. In this article we shall explore the Chembur Station area for places serving those delightful road side snacks.

This article has been written mid 2016. The street food scene in Chembur sometimes shifts dramatically.

First we walk away from the station area towards the flyover as it is popularly known. As we leave the oldie Natraj Cinema to our left we find a series of narrow lanes to our right. These lanes are choke a block packed with small shops. Amidst these shops is a small eatery which serves a small list of snacks like Vada Pav, Bhajji, Sabudana Wada and so on. There is very limited space to stand around. So you pack whatever is fresh and off you go.

All the items sold here are good, but notable mention is vada pav and sabudana vada.

Sarvovar Bhelpuri & Snacks

As you keep walking further to the flyover, you come across a very old restaurant which has a bhel puri counter or chat counter outside the restaurant. This counter though open throughout the day, gets busy only in the evenings. Here is a fix on the location on Google Maps.

Speciality of the place. Typical Mumbai style chat. We have been visiting this place from childhood days. But after enduring one year of Delhi Chaat, the first place I rush back to reality is this outlet.

After enjoying the chat items you can also dig in the ice cream counter also located outside the restaurant.

For our last pit stop, you have to turn around and walk along DK Sandu Marg, walking along the flyover. As you keep walking you come across a Y junction where the flyover ends. Further ahead there is a prominent temple on the road besides which there is this road side food stall with a makeshift kitchen and counter all rolled in one.

One can watch in amazement as food flies off the trays. There is a frantic activity at the huge frying kadhai. Popular items here are the fried pakoras or bhajjis as they are locally known. The specially fav item is the onion pakora or kandi bhajji as people fondly call it. If you are lucky, you might get your hands on the green chilli pakoda. But that one is rare.



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