Fateh Ki Kachori

Fateh Ki Kachori, Civil Lines, New Delhi

Fateh ki Kachori for the past 60 years has been treating Delhites with a spicy and fiery treat. It has setup a benchmark for street food in Delhi as far as taste and price is concerned. Every morning a couple of guys set up a stall on a cycle against a wall. They lay out rows and rows of miniature bowls made out of leaf. And as they arrange the familiar crispy kachories and cover them with their trademark chholes, within no time their customers start queuing up.

Location of Fateh Ki Kachori

There is a huge confusion regarding the location of Fateh Ki Kachori. There are two outlets and both claim to have no branch anywhere. Both Google and Zomato had added to the confusion by naming each other opposite. So thetimelock has no choice but to review both of them. For this article we check out the one marked on Google Maps as Fateh Ki Kachori.


There are just two items on the menu, Kachori and Chhole Kulche. Few customers do opt for Kulchas, but most wait for those two crispy kachoris. Covered with loads of chhole, topped with green colored tamarind chutney, red sauce, chopped onions, masala and coriander for garnish. Each of this is spattered one over the other, one after the other. The stall is setup on a cycle and a makeshift board serves as preparation table. In the initial years, a cycle was all that was there of this stall. But now the demand is so much that a van is kept alongside with supplies for one day.

A few other points

Customers are encouraged to use their hands to eat. Believe me, its easy. Kachories finish up finger licking. The stall is right on the road side against the boundary wall of a school. You may have some hygiene concerns, but such is the nature of street food, esp in Delhi. There might be some time slots when this place will be deserted, but mostly it is crowded and some waiting time is expected. Reach there in time, because the stall winds up by 2 – 3 pm.

Fateh Ki Kachori
An iconic poster
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