National Rose Garden

Fish eye photography in the company of roses – National Rose Garden

Fish eye photography is fun. It is different and once you put on a 180 degree lens on your DSLR, you might not remove it for a long time. The last time we wrote a detailed article on how the fish eye lens is different. Today we cover the rose garden and some familiar aspects and a few new perspectives.

About National Rose Garden, Chanakyapuri.

This garden was inaugurated on the eve of Indo-African summit which was held in the national capital a few years back. Every winter sees this garden bloom with a variety of roses. It is well maintained with a lot of green cover and peace. If the main gate is closed, go round the back where the smaller gate is practically open throughout the day. Check out our article on National Rose Garden.

Red roses are the best way to express. But not all roses get to reach there.

A fish eye lens covers a large area. Key point to note is that the horizon or any other horizontal line should be kept in the center.

Acute distortions in lines. Isn’t it a work of art.

The flare on the left side of the picture is the sun. The lens creates the flare effect typical only to fish eye lens.

Coverage of a wide area also gives possibility to click trees from an upward angle.

The best of fish eye comes out at night with lights looking like stars.

Red roses are a symbol of life.

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