office building on highway

FOB fun with Fish Eye Lens

I have been waiting to try the fish eye on a FOB (given an entirely new meaning by my darling). Capturing of traffic trails from the top gives good effects. But the top half of the picture is a dark sky. This portion can be filled up with a building or monument or any structure. Here is what I have been clicking for all this while.

light panning

This picture has been taken on a Foot Over Bridge near GuruPrasad Udipi restaurant.

Camera Canon 600D

Lens Samyang 8mm f3.5 HD

Stand Flexible Gorilla mini

The following settings have been used.

EV or Exposure Settings kept at -1.3. Mode is Shutter Priority. It has been set at a shutter speed of  4 secs. ISO fixed at 100.

But almost half of the picture is dark sky. This space needs to be filled up with something better.

Metro Line passing by DLF Cyber Hub

metro line near DLF cyber hub

Fish eye distortion gives an interesting effect to the otherwise straight metro line. A train passing by would have been awesome. Settings for the picture are

ISO 100

Shutter Priority

Exposure setting -5

Shutter Speed 6 sec

Ambience Mall, Gurugram – view of the landscape and traffic

ambience mall gurugram

For this picture, the ISO has been locked at 100. Fish eye lens has a manual aperture which has been set to min brightness. Shutter speed is set at 10 seconds in Shutter Priority mode. Exposure set at -5. Here again the aim is to keep the shutter open for as long as possible without capturing any ambient light. This makes the trails very prominent.

Construction site on Delhi Gurugram highway

constuction site delhi gurugram highway

Shutter speed has been kept at 25 seconds. Aperture ring has been set at max of f22. While a fish eye lens does capture a large area, you will have to get as close to the subject as possible.

Office Building on the Delhi Gurugram highway

office building on highway

Shutter speed set at 20 seconds and aperture kept at f11 to allow the light from the building to come in.

View from a restaurant at Sector 29, Gurugram

Sector 29 at Gurugram has a number of restaurants serving craft beer. Parking is full even on week days.

parking at Sector 29 Gurugram

Mode kept at aperture priority with f3.5 and ISO at 3200. Exposure bias at minus 0.3 and some editing as always.

Scene at a restaurant playing a live band in Gurugram

live band at restaurant in Gurugram

ISO moved up to 6400. Clicked without stand. Lucky to get this good a picture.

And finally the actual Foot Over Bridge…

bridge at night

Notice how the straight lines of the bridge structure are distorted in a wonderful effect.




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