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A guide to enjoy Oktoberfest in Delhi

Zomato has already put out a collection for Oktoberfest in Delhi. A simple google search will list out all those places which serve beer. Each and every restaurant and bar will have some kind of offers in this month of October, 2016 to attract customers. Delhiites love their drink and beer is one of the favorite choice. Thetimelock has its own list of places to enjoy beer. We are not going strictly as per prices. They have to tick all the right boxes, and yes they have to be in Delhi and not NCR. And yes, beer for Oktoberfest can only be draught beer, right.

At position three, Beeryani

Beeryani has two branches, one in SDA and the other in GK 2. The author has visited both and found it to be the best place to drink beer. A three litre tower of Kingfisher draught beer costs just 600 Rupees. Converted to Dollars it is just 10 bucks. Since Beeryani is the largest consumer of Kingfisher draught beer, the beer is most freshest that is available in Delhi. The menu is same at both places. So is the design, ambience and service. Music is mild. A huge screen shows the latest sports events. Great place to start a conversation. Separate smoking section. This place also has a full bar. And good food to boot to.

At position two, The Beer Cafe

The Beer Cafe setup number of outlets in Delhi. Ideally speaking this place should be the only place to be visited during Oktoberfest. The largest collection of beer in any one location. Draught or bottled, If it is there, it will be in The Beer Cafe.

Service is fast. Music is loud but not blaring. Food is surprisingly good at times. Sometimes the places are tiny and there might be waiting. But it is worth the wait.

Another plus of this place is that it serves Hoegaarden draught beer. If Kingfisher draught beer is the best bang for the bucks, Hoegaarden is the best what money can buy. There might be more expensive beer. But in case of draught, this is the best balance between price and freshness.

At position one, 38 Barracks

Beer drinking is all about fun and enjoyment. At position three and two we focused on conversations. But at position one we have to reserve a place which has that one characteristic which Delhiites love. Music and dance. 38 Barracks has live performances and dance floor. It has a great selection of drinks. It has a menu designed by a renowned chef. Service is fast and there is attention to detail. This restaurant has already earned a name for itself in Connaught Place. It is well on its way to become one of the top restaurant is Delhi.


38 Barracks serves Fosters draught beer which is local brand. This beer is slightly expensive compared to the one served in Beeryani. Which means the brand variety is limited. The entire restaurant has army theme as a decor. All along the walls there are numerous artifacts and pictures, all collected by the owner. This theme adds a lot to the beer drinking experience. Enjoy your beer drinking session, typical Delhi style.

To read more about the above restaurants, here are the detailed reviews.

38 Barracks, Connaught Place, New Delhi

The Beer Cafe, Janakpuri, New Delhi

The Beer Cafe, SDA, New Delhi

Beeryani, GK 2, New Delhi

Beeryani, SDA, New Delhi

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