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Gulab, Pitampura, New Delhi

Est 1912 inconspicuously written on the display board means excitement. These typical old timer food places in Delhi has a few things in common. Not too great decor, as compared to the Food Mall and Food Courts with their shiny tiles. Service is strictly OK. It is only when you take in the first bite, you realize the out of the world nature of these places. Strict consistency over decades and stringent quality control, esp the ingredients. With Gulab Pitampura ends the two year long search for the best Gajar Ka Halwa and Jalebi in Delhi!

Location of Gulab Pitampura

No problems here absolutely. Right on the main road. Walking distance from Pitampura Metro Station.

What is so special about Gulab Pitampura

Two years back I came here on a transferable assignment to Delhi. Delhi being the food capital of India, it was but natural that I went on a culinary quest. Along the way I came across some wonderful food destinations. Like Rehmatullah Restaurant in Jama Masjid or the legendary Babu Shahi Bawarchi at Pragati Maidan. Winter Season is a feast for sweet lovers for during this season comes Gajar Ka Halwa. The next sweet that is like by the masses in Delhi is Jalebi. So it is but natural to query people that which is the best sweet shop for these two items. And here is where there is a problem.

Delhi is divided in pockets. Each pocket is self contained with residential places, parks, markets and utilities. One locality or pocket has no business what so ever to venture in another pocket. And when that happens, it is just those small shopping trips. Each of this pocket has their own sweet shop which the local residents have patronized for years. So as far as the best sweet shop is concerned, it is that one! Which is why the answer to the best Jalebi in Delhi is so elusive.

gulab pitampura

About Gulab

Gulab Pitampura is like a glittering palace. The sight is best enjoyed in the evening. It looks packed to the full from outside. Inside is rows and rows of sweets and bright light. Seating is in the center. The chaat counter is outside. The menu consists of standard items. Mostly snacks. But they do serve Thali and full meals. South Indian dishes are also on the menu. But the star of the show is the sweets and their packing. Premium packing with lots of options. I can imagine what the rush must be during festive season. And with limited space inside, there must be lots of impatient customers waiting patiently!

About the sweets

Most important point here is that the sweets are expensive. Other points put together means only one thing. The sweets must be premium quality. We picked up Gajar Ka Halwa and Jalebi. Both have been made using the best quality desi ghee. Gajar Halwa is rich in taste and the milk used is also premium. Big threads of the most delicious carrot. Cooked to perfection. The halwa is literally bathed in ghee. Even better is Jalebi. Thin and crispy, this one get top marks on the crispiness. As you put a piece in your mouth, you can bring in the juices and it still remains crisp. This little rings of saffron have to be consumed immediately after preparation. People were picking up in huge chunks, the moment they were ready.

gajar ka halwa

Since we had just these two items, one cannot comment on the food, sweets and service. Suffice to say that they have a large variety of sweets. The shop is clean and well maintained. We might not have a chance to visit it again due to the driving distance involved. But this place will always remain etched on our minds as the king of Jalebi and Gajar ka Halwa.

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