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Guruprasad Udupi, Munirka, New Delhi

Guruprasad Udupi in Munirka is a powerhouse of a restaurant. For those familiar with this place keep visiting in hordes. And for those who do not know about this South Indian restaurant, please read on.

Location of Guruprasad Udupi

It is not too difficult to locate this place. But the trick is to know where exactly can it be. A prominent board is easily visible from the main road. But again it is just a board. It is located on the Olof Palme Road. It is part of the DDA Shopping Complex.

guruprasad udupi restaurant

About Guruprasad Udupi Restaurant

Guruprasad Udupi is a typical South Indian restaurant. Looking from afar it looks more than ordinary and inconspicuous. But as you start climbing the ramp, you get a feeling that something is awaiting. Something incredible. There are no stairs, just ramp. This makes the climb much easier. Both sides of the ramp are lined with potted plants. As you enter the restaurant entrance, you come to a big open dining space. This open space can accommodate about a hundred people in one go. Tables and chairs are neatly folded in a corner. They are put up as on required basis. Inside there are two medium sized dining halls. These halls get filled up easily.

There is a steady rush of customers almost round the clock. During the day time it is the people who work around in the numerous offices. While in the evening time, it is the turn of families. There might be some waiting during rush hours. But since the service is fast, customers are also clearing the tables with speed. Seating is mostly for four. But the seating capacity can be increased on any table due to the flexibility. There is a children play area outside. Good place for kids to have some fun while the parents go about finishing their meal.

About the service

Sitting at the table and waiting for a meal to arrive, I was amazed at the service. A few decades back Udupi restaurants started coming up in Mumbai. Mumbaites were amazed at the service. The delicious and healthy food was low on calories. And extremely economical to prepare. The restaurants were clean and service was fast. Guruprasad Udupi brings back those memories of the efficient service machine known as Udupi Cafe. Food does not take much time to arrive. Plates are placed and cleared with almost like magical speed. All waiters look like they have been specially trained for their jobs. Everyone goes about quietly doing their work.

About the food

The best part of this place or their USP is the food. It arrives hot and all items on the menu are freshly prepared. This means that the food is prepared after the order is placed. This is possible with a South Indian Menu. They have North Indian and Chinese dishes on the menu too. So this makes it a truly pan India restaurant with the South Indian twist. Food is good, judging by the number of customers and they way they are enjoying their food. Portions are good and prices are nominal. Anyway with a couple of items, you can have a stomach full of food. Towards late evening, there are some items on the menu which are no longer available. Guruprasad Udupi Restaurant can easily be recommended as one of the best overall south Indian dining experience.

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