hera pheri cafe

Hera Pheri Cafe, Satyaniketan, New Delhi

Hera Pheri Cafe is a funky cafe located in Satyaniketan which attracts lots of crowds during meal times. Good decor, loud music and good food come together to give a memorable experience.

Location of Hera Pheri Cafe

The restaurant is located right in the middle of Satyaniketan, on the main road and on the ground floor. There is nothing special to distinguish it from the scores of these restaurants all along the street.

Just keep walking along the main road and you can spot it easily.

hera pheri cafe

About the cafe and food

The cafe is designed to attract the main customer base of Satyaniketan, the students. So the interiors are done up with lots of efforts. There is some quirky furniture which is bend at an angle which looks seemingly impossible. The interiors are bright and well lit. Seating is either sofa or regular tables. But either way it is very comfortable to sit in a group and relax. Music is blaring and loud, so conversation is a challenge. The menu is not that exhaustive, but is good enough. Lots of variety. And a well designed menu keeping in view the overall look and feel of the cafe.

Menu is primarily made of items which can be prepared fast and served to customers. So ideally service should not slow down, even during peak rush time. But this place has some issues with consistency, as what appears from the reviews of Zomato. Their ratings have been consistently getting lowered as time in going by and if the management does not take serious steps, they have a crisis on their hands.

We ordered Virgin Mojito and Kheema Pav. This is a rare place which serves Kheema Pav in the way it is supposed to served, kheema and pav separate. There was not too much oil in the kheema and bread way burnt to a nice crisp with the correct amount of butter. Taste wise Virgin Mojito was good but it was way too tiny for the price quoted on the menu. Service was quick and waiters are professional. But there was not too much of crowd due to a quiet Monday evening.

Like most of the restaurants in Satyaniketan, this place has a common smoking area where most of the customers are onto hukkah. So no question of taking your kids over there. And beware of the long waiting during week ends. Prices are slightly on the higher side.

Hera Pheri Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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