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Heritage Transport Museum, Manesar, Gurugram

As you walk out of the Heritage Transport Museum, your mind is numb and spinning. Three hour tour covering the comprehensive history of transport in India. This place is one of its kind in the country and perhaps the world. A wide range of exhibits from actual vehicles to scale models, vehicle parts, paintings, toys, all with necessary information. Those interested in history and technology, this place should be on top of your to do list.

Location of Heritage Transport Museum

You will have to leave the Delhi Ajmer Highway at Bilaspur Kalan and take the Tauru Road. You can ask the locals for direction, but you wont really need of following Google Maps. The museum is open for all seven days from roughly 10 am to 7 pm. Tickets for adults are Rs 400 and Rs 200 for children. Get in touch with the museum authorities for special requirement like school trips. They are more than accommodating.

An amazing collection

The museum is the brain child of Tarun Thakral who along with a trust envisaged a place where fun, learning, research, archiving and information can come together. There are cars, buses, railway engines and carriages, motorcycles, hand carts and even aviation covered. Every exhibit on display has been procured with great effort, restored and showcased with only one purpose. An enjoyable experience for the whole family. The fun experience is complete with an auditorium, cafe, souvenir shop and library and reference center.

The rest of the article is a photo gallery. Can you identify your favorite transport. Does it bring back memories from childhood. Have you spotted any in a movie.


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