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Heyy Sugar, Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurugram

Before entering the Heyy Sugar outlet, we were quite hesitant. The exteriors was somewhat deceptive. Is this pink exterior really a cake and pastry shop. And once you go inside, it is again decision time. The pastries laid out is tempting. So are the other things. Welcome to Heyy Sugar. One of the top rated bakery in Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurugram.

Location of Heyy Sugar

Heyy Sugar is located in the front portion of Baani Square. It is really very small. But easy to notice from a distance.

About Heyy Sugar Baani Square

Once inside we were astonished with the range and variety of items available. The person at the counter was explaining the items on the menu nicely. There are cakes and their slices. Then there are pies and tarts, cookies and some desserts in a jar. Plus there are some interesting items like Cake Pops. We were not able to decide between the Rainbow pastry or Chocolate Truffle. Finally the choice of chocolate pastry prevailed.

There is a thing about chocolate pastry. The balance of chocolate has to be perfect. A little bit here and little bit there messes up the calculations. A nice tasting chocolate pastry means that the preparations have been done fresh. Also the pastry has to be maintained at the correct temperature. Bit more cold, the chocolate part hardens, and more temperature means it is too soft to eat. In the end, we were actually gorging on our pastry. We also purchased a bottle of masala bites. Prices are reasonable. Rs 110 for the chocolate pastry. Cool. There is no place to sit, either inside or outside. Packing is good. Interiors are bright and clean. Glass for display is stunning. Cakes are beautiful.

Heyy Sugar is the best pastry shop in the neighborhood.

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