hunger strike lajpath nagar 4

Hunger Strike, Lajpath Nagar 4, New Delhi

What do you do when Hunger Strike (s). You head out to Amar Colony Market in Lajpath Nagar 4 where there are ample restaurants. And there you visit Hunger Strike where there are large number of crowds in the evening, all crowded round this one restaurant. So what is this place.

Location of Hunger Strike Lajpath Nagar 4

About Hunger Strike Lajpath Nagar 4

The address and location of this place is confusing to a first timer. There is Lajpath Nagar 4, then there is Amar Colony Market. This place also happens to be the main market. But sticking to Google Maps means that you can reach this place without any hassle. The central market has ample paid parking. They are able to accommodate your car even during peak hours. Since the market place itself is small and congested, everyone is jostling for space. There is a large variety of shops for everyday shopping. Evening shopping trips are pleasant. And once the shopping trip is successful, the best way to enjoy it is going to Hunger Strike.

Hunger Strike occupies one large shop space in one of the bylanes. There is no seating. So it is primarily takeaway and stand outside to eat. Home delivery option is also available. Menu is very basic, but there are few interesting options. You have to first approach the cash counter which at the moment accepts only cash. Pay for food, take the token and give it at the food counter. Food is made ready and served at the food counter.

About the food and the service

There is nothing much to write about the service. The person at the cash counter is very disinterested. So is the person at the food counter. The menu options are such that not many questions can be exchanged. Once food is ready the person at the counter calls the name of the dish and you have to pick it up for yourself.

The menu is divided into momos, chaap, snacks and rolls. The shawarma counter is very tempting. There is a large veg menu also available. There is tandoori momo of soya and paneer stuffings. Three veg options in rolls too. Standard items for snacks are chicken sheekh and chicken tikka. Plus a few varieties of momos, both veg and non veg. we ordered the standard chicken tikka. For about Rs 160 we got six good sized chicken pieces. Well marinated, soft and tender, the spices and taste was spot on. There was a generous amount of marinate which we liked off our fingers. There was enough grill on the pieces and gave the right amount of smokey taste. Good value for money. Food is served in paper plates. The standard accompaniment was served with tikka.

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