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Imly, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi

Imly Restaurant at Rajendra Nagar saw a meteoric rise in popularity. The Imly concept of street food in a restaurant settings got very popular with Delhi lovers. The first branch of Imly provided good ambience and tasty street food from across the country. Fast service, ample parking and attractive pricing are some other notable points.Every evening we find crowds waiting outside waiting for their turn. Has the Rajouri Garden outlet able to replicate the success and popularity of their first branch.

Location of Imly, Rajouri Garden

Imly, Rajouri Garden is wrongly marked on Google maps as well as on Zomato. As a Level 4 Local Guide, I have made the necessary changes. Lets see how soon they go live with  the listing.

You will reach the place using Google Maps if you type in Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden. Nearest landmark is the HDFC Bank Branch on Vishal Cinema Road. The restaurant is located on the main road at a prominent junction. So it is difficult to miss it.

 About the restaurant

The first outlet is modeled after a train journey. The one at Rajouri Garden has a huge red bus right inside. The bus doubles as a two storeys seating too. The bus is both exciting to look at and sitting in too. It is a special attraction for kids too. All along the walls there is attractive graffiti. Some nice artifacts line up on shelves along the wall. The whole interiors set the mood for some long rounds of street food.

Parking is very limited and that too on the main road outside the restaurant. Add that to the waiting outside, you will have a taxing experience outside. More about that later. Service is an issue here. Service part will be elaborated in later paras. Seating is very flexible to seat couples or groups easily. A few other issues will also crop along as you are progressing with your meal. Like flies buzzing around your food for instance.

About the food

Food is amazing here. Portions are just right keeping in mind the street food theme. Pricing might be bit expensive compared straight to street food. But this comparison is unfair. Consistency and speed is an issue here. This issue is not there with their first branch where the kitchen is run with efficiency and clockwork precision. But overall the food experience will be very good here. We ordered pasta, gool gappa and vada pav, the imly way. We also tried sev puri. All food items taste good. Where everything else is an issue, one bite into food will take away all your irritation.

About the service

After reading the numerous complaints on Zomato regarding the service, we decided to land up quite early to check the problem. Evening time is rush hour. So seven in the evening is a good time to observer how the crisis unfolds. The horror began before we entered when the person at the entrance told us that the restaurant is full. This information he got from a walkie talkie. There are lots of these persons on walkie talkies milling around basically lost. After a five minute wait and showing him the inside through the glass door he realized that indeed, seating is available.

Once inside we were asked to change our seats thrice. Finally when we were seated, no one bothered to come and take down our order. This was in full presence of the scores of waiters and sufficient walkie talkie guys right in front of us. We called the walkie talkie guy who has relocated us and asked when the order will be taken. To our surprise and anger he started publicly admonishing one of the waiter. This is bad and a strict no, at least not in front of customers. Besides, waiters are the responsibility of the supervisors who need to keep a sharp eye on things. The efficiency of supervisors armed with walkie talkies take a serious hit once the restaurant gets full and customers wait outside. That is usually the time when the supervisors leave their jobs and gather in a group chatting among themselves. Hats off to the scores of customers who patiently endure without a murmur.

The service goes all out to ensure you dont have a good time despite what can be easily the best street food experience in Delhi.

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