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Johnny Rockets, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Connaught Place has two types of restaurants. One who serve alcohol, with or without loud music. Other who do not serve alcohol. The later category is high quality family restaurants and popular specialty food chains. Johnny Rockets is one such shinning beacon in the darkness of CP food joints. Johnny Rockets is an American Burger chain. Burger is the most popular food item in America. This craze for burgers had sprouted numerous chains of restaurants and Johnny Rockets is one among them which expanded international. Old fashioned theme based decor is their trademark.

Location of Johnny Rockets

entrance to johnny rockets

You are much better off sticking to Google Maps to reach Johnny Rockets. Plan your parking area as per the time of the day and day of the week or else face the endless traffic at CP. The restaurant is located on the ground floor with a huge glass entrance which is unmissable.

About the restaurant chain

Johnny Rockets is know for a number of things. They setup an outlet in places like cruise ship and stadium. The staff performs a dance jig at some locations. We were fortunate to witness one at this outlet and boy it was fun. They have kept ketchup bottles on tables, but still draw a ketchup smiley while serving fries. The outlet at CP is big bright and airy. Seats are comfortable and overall look and feel of the place is wonderful. The main seating is on the ground floor plus limited seating on the first floor. There is sofa type seating along the walls and chairs in the center.


About the service

A visit to Johnny Rockets is all about good service and waiters pampering you. They are ready to explain the nuances of the menu and suggest options. They also let you know which combo to select for the best deal. Attention to details is also seen. As soon as we seated ourselves coming in from the searing heat outside, we were served with glass of water with the right amount of ice cubes. How refreshing. The waiters look smart in their white aprons/uniforms with neat caps. They also keep you informed about the progress of your order. You seldom come across such class service in Delhi.

About the food

We generally do not disagree with the reviews of fellow Zomato users. Crowd sourcing is generally spot on. But there are a few expert reviewers who get it all wrong. They compare the pricing with burgers sold on the street. They write that neither the buns, nor the patty and nor the salad was good. But please disregard all that and just dive in the menu. Food is basically burgers and shakes. As side shows we have salads and wraps. Check out for combos and offers from the waiters. There is also a kids combo menu. This one is useful for small bites. Another signature disk is Rocket Wings which is delicious.

rocket wings

The Burger

We stuck to the basic Rocket Signature burger. The burger comes with onion rings and fries as standard. So that is a mini meal in itself. If the height of the burger is not as per Delhi standards, you can always double it up by adding an extra patty. But the standard is good enough. There is also a choice of bun, so be careful about your selection. Burgers do take time to arrive at your table. But once there, you will be eating one of the best burgers in town. Taste is right balance of all the ingredients used, all of which is fresh and carefully chosen. It does justify the premium pricing. Onion rings and french fries are devoid of excess oil and are tasty.

signature rocket burger

Another reason to not have the double patty is keep some space to try out some of the best shakes in Delhi. Their milk shakes are awesome. We decided to have just one vanilla shake but ended up having one more, the kitkat shake. Oreo shake and kitkat shake are must haves.

vanilla shake

There is nothing we found wrong about this place and the food they serve. Which brings us back to the issue of price. Maybe slight on the higher side due to the steep rentals in CP. Apart from that, if pricing is not an issue, just go ahead and enjoy the wonderful burger experience at Johnny Rockets.

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