KidZania Delhi NCR

KidZania Delhi NCR – The perfect vacation treat

Summer vacations is on. Kids are raring to go. Parents have run out of ideas. So if you are in Delhi or Mumbai or any of the 24 locations worldwide, KidZania should be on top of the list. Not heard of KidZania! It is a indoor themed park with role play based activity for children.

Location of KidZania Delhi NCR and how to reach there

KidZania Delhi NCR is located within the premises of The Great Indian Place Mall or in short TGIP Mall.

By Metro – The nearest metro station is Noida Sector 18. From there it is a short walk or a auto rickshaw trip.

By Road – Just follow Google Maps.

Timings of KidZania Delhi NCR

KidZania is open from 10 am to 9 pm. During summer vacations it is open all seven days while other times closed on Mondays. You can either book the full day or in shifts.

Be sure to reach there at 10 am sharp and enjoy the max in the first one hour. After that the crowds increase and so does the waiting time. You also get the early bird discount.

Shifts and Entry Fees

For better understanding and planning, visit the following URL

Shift starts from 10 am to 9 pm which is the whole day shift. There are different prices for Children, Adults, Toddler, Senior and Baby. For adult it is Rs 600 and Children is Rs 1500. The next is five hour shift where the price drops to Rs 600 and Rs 1200. Those prices are for week ends. There are further drops for week days.

A five hour shift can be started at any time. Your stay can exceed the five hours inside, but the child wont be able to do any activity, once the five hours are over.

Online Booking v/s Over the counter booking

There are certain benefits of booking online. But with online booking you will miss out the early bird discount which applied between 10 am to 10:30 am. Plus cash paying, over the counter customers get more number of counter. But as the crowd swells, the pre booked counters move faster.

Concept and Execution

Brilliant is one word. You can get a first hand insight into the likes and dislikes of your child. It will also give you a sneek preview on what will your child have an aptitude to be. It is like a vocational training and entertainment exercise all rolled in one. Each activity has a time and type of activity. A fixed batch of children are allowed inside and the rest have to wait in a queue. Some busy activities, children are given tokens for the next batch. Each activity is based on real life situations and locations. The activity begins with a briefing and ends with a hands on activity by the child. Each activity will cost money and on successful completion of the activity the child gets paid.

For First Time Visitors

As you enter the place, you are greeted as if you are entering an airport terminal to transport you to another world. You do the check in where a wrist band is attached to each person who is entering inside. The child is given 50 kidZos (KidZania) currency. This has to be en cashed at the bank. You can either get cash or prepared a debit card for your self. Debit cards are customized with the children names printed instantly.

You can also get a passport made. Advantages of a passport is that each activity will cost less and earning will be more. Passport is of three different types, each one on increasing level. Plus managing the passport is an activity for the child itself.

Check out the list of items which are allowed and not allowed. Lockers are available outside to keep items which are not allowed. Water and cameras are allowed. So are ladies bags.

There are plenty of options for food and snacks inside the complex. Watch out for the rush during peak hours. Parking outside is part of the other malls. Available in plenty.

Did you know that…

  • The first KidZania opened in 1999
  • It is a Mexico based entertainment chain
  • Shah Rukh Khan promotes KidZania in India
  • There are regular events like the next one is Fathers Day where the entry of the father is free



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