Kites Restaurant

Kites Restaurant, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi

Kites Restaurant is located in Gopinath Bazar, Delhi Cantt. It offers a premium dining experience for people residing in the cantt area. Does it make a mark and live up to expectations. Lets find out.

Location of Kites Restaurant

Kites Restaurant is well marked on Google maps.

It is located on Church Road on the first floor above Vijaya Bank. It has ample parking space in front of the restaurant and there is also a parking lot nearby. Parking in Delhi Cantt, both at Sadar Bazar and Gopinath Bazar is free, but it can become congested at times. Entrance of the restaurant is well marked. If any difficulty in finding the same, you can ask anyone as this restaurant is quite popular and known to the locals.

Entrance to Kites Restaurant
Entrance to Kites Restaurant

The locality is known by two names, unofficial and local name of Gopinath Bazar, but officially as Shastri Bazar. There is no metro station nearby as a metro line is not present in cantt area, so per force it is either a bus or private transport.

decoration at entrance of Kites Reaturant
At the entrance of Kites Restaurant

About the restaurant

Kites restaurant has premium written all over it. Seats are comfortable and there is a mix of sofa and chair seating. Walls are not just painted, but upholstered. Cool lights and music in the background gets you in the mood and clubbed with a good service, this restaurant offers an unmatched experience. Now remember this is not a fine dining restaurant, but can beat any similar restaurant in New Delhi which claim to offer similar services, but fail to deliver. Owner and his team put in lot of effort to keep this place running neat and tidy.

theme decoration at Kites Restaurant
Decoration as per theme

Menu is large and expansive, and it is easy for a first timer to get overwhelmed by the choices. North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai and Thai are the options here. Alcohol is not served here and neither served anywhere in Delhi Cantt area.

Waiters are polite and helpful. They know their routine well. Service might get a bit slow if peak hours crowd is there, but that is due to some other reason which I will cover later.

About the food at Kites Restaurant

Kites Restaurants succeeds in maintaining the balance with right pricing to remain in contention and providing a certain standard of service. You should rate the food accordingly. Ingredients used in food are top notch and fresh. Taste is just right and yummy. In snacks we tried Chilly Chicken and Dragon Fire Chicken, both good. We also had Lemon Coriander and Manchow soup. For main course we mixed Fried rice and Homely Chicken curry. Portions are generous for the price. Service is fast for the type of food which the cook and serve. The kitchen takes some time to bring out the food because extra effort does go in the preparation part.

Other points

Compared to neighboring places, food is expensive but is above par. Due to limited options, this place does get crowded. And when there are more tables occupied service will slow down. Parking is chaotic and will be an issue. People from places out side the cantt area will find it daunting to travel all the way, since Delhi Cantt is on the outskirts. Home delivery is done within cantt. Packing is also of good quality. Ignoring the minor glitches, you will surely have an enjoyable experience here.

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