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Kumar Samose Wala, Karampura, New Delhi

How does a foodie search for a hidden gem in Delhi? Zomato has put in some effort to get some collection and rating in place. But it is not good enough. Places like Kumar Samose Wala in Karampura can only be found by accident or if someone tips you. It was the former in our case and it keeps us wondering how many such places in Delhi lie undiscovered.

Location of Kumar Samose Wala

This eating outlet is located in the interiors of Karampura. Follow map and directions very closely to reach this place. Roads are narrow.

About the outlet

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This is a very tiny place. You will surely miss it, since they have recently removed the sign board too. There is another outlet nearby where seating is open air. There are chances that you will mistakenly enter the other shop. Approach road is very narrow. Parking is a challenge. Nearest landmark is the Milan Cinema. There is no seating and there is hardly any space at the counter. The shop in itself is almost unbelievable. Just a basic arrangement for reheating the samosas and thats all. Tissue paper is provided only on demand. Sauce sachets are given one per samosa. So on an so forth. Dont expect much of an ambience.


About the samosas

There are 19 different varieties of samosas. All varieties will not be available at the same time. The scene primarily here is that whatever arrives freshly cooked immediately flies off the shelf. People flock in huge numbers of pack even more numbers. Packing is done is brown paper bags. As the evening draws to a close, the variety of samosas available drops even further. We were lucky to lay hands of Punjabi Paneer samosa and Dal samosa. Awesome is the word. Not too much oil. Soft outer shell. Slight crispiness in the right places. And the inner core is the tastiest what we had. This is paradise for samosa lovers. Samosas can be found in almost every nook and cranny in Delhi. But a majority of them are either messed up or the oil is overused. This place is not the case and you will go back a  happy person, provided you manage to lay yours hands on the correct one.

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