Kuremals Kulfi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – Mohanlal Kulfiwale going strong

Every growing cosmopolitan city slowly loses its historic roots. Old eateries slowly vanish from the scene replaced by bland urbanised food. Restaurant menus look the same and sometimes taste the same too. Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale is breaking this trend in Delhi.

Location of Kuremals Kulfi, Hauz Khas

The tale of two brothers

Kuremals Kulfi is now two brands named after Mohanlal and Mahavir Prasad. Both have gone a long way from owning shops in the narrow bylanes of Chawri Bazar. Between the two, they have outlets in Hauz Khas, Bengali Market, Rohini and Pitampura. Their growth story is in important and integral part of the history of Delhi. I am the one who dwells a lot on connections and history. So that is my version of way things are.

Kuremal Mohanlal has decided to place their place at Hauz Khas next to the most popular ice cream brand in India, Natural. And what is the result, we have an amazingly largish footfall at Natural while the odd stray ones walk in Kuremals.

My take is that around 80% of the crowd visiting Natural is absolutely not aware about Kuremals and the stuff which they serve. This nevertheless is the crowd and we wish all the best for their journey of discovery.

About the menu

Understanding their menu is simply straightforward. They have two type of kulfi, fruit based and milk based. Kulfi is just another name for ice cream. Milk based kulfis are the regular ones which we find in ice cream shops. There are exotic flavours like gulkand, paan, gulab and so on. Better option is the fruit based. These are primarily ice lollies. They are rich in flavour and authentic in taste. Litchi, Imly, Kala Khatta, Pineapple, Jamun, etc. Lots of options for everyone. Do make sure you taste their chat masala as a topping on the ice lollies.

Regular kulfi are the side shows and the main attraction is the stuffed fruit kulfi. It is prepared in a unique way where the inside of a fruit are removed and replaced with milk and other goodies. To eat, the fruit skin is peeled off and cut into pieces served like an ice cream. The sheer technique of making and effort involved is commendable. Try to see if you can get hold of an alphonse mango stuff kulfi. It is rare but sometimes you might get lucky.

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