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Lub Lub Lebanese, Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurugram

The one who falls and gets up is so much stronger than the one who never fell.

2016 is nearing its end. I was shortlisting restaurants for 100th post on Zomato. At this important milestone, should I go in for a legendary restaurant. Or go for the most popular one on Zomato. The review should be a fitting finale for 2016. And then I chanced upon this place on recommendation of my colleague. My 100th food review will be Lub Lub Lebanese Baani Square.

Who is Ashish Singh

Chef Ashish Singh hails from Ambala, Haryana. After initially running into a loss from a franchisee, Ashish with some help redoubled his efforts for a comeback. He entered MasterChef Season 4 (2015) as a contestant. He was not my favorite and surprised me by reaching Top Four! What impressed me more is that coming out from the MasterChef experience, he got on chasing his dreams with renewed passion. Lub Lub Lebanese celebrated its first anniversary in Nov 2016. He has ambitious plans for the future and he is treading with caution but confidence. Why start with Lebanese….well ask the chef himself on his FaceBook page. And see the irony. I am writing this review as the Grand Finale of MasterChef Season 5 is being aired. And I am more interested to complete this review!

Location of Lub Lub Lebanese Baani Square

Lub Lub Lebanese is located on the ground floor of Baani Sqaure.

About the restaurant and food

The menu of Lub Lub Lebanese is centered around Shawarma. It is gaining popularity as a road side snack. We have eaten Shawarma at a number of places. Choice is easy. For more crispiness ask the server to cut thin slices and for more juice, slices should be thicker. Delhi itself has countless such outlets. But in case of Gurugram the story is different.

The restaurant welcomes you with bright lights and decor. Pick up the menu and make your choice. This place is a self service restaurant. The later half of the restaurant is occupied by the kitchen and the Shawarma equipment. Menu choice is simple. Either go for the rolls or platter. Variations in these are the combo meals and rice bowl. There is also a salad option. Now the salad is really tasty. But leaving this place without having Shawarma is strictly not recommended. We decided to go for the platter option.

platter at lub lub lebanese

Food does not take much time to get ready. Since it is quick bite and since its preparation time is less, there is not too much wait. The person at the counter announces you dish and then you can start diggin in your food.

The platter

A platter consists of salad, three types of dips and Shawarma chicken. Non Vegetarian options are chicken, lamb and mixed grill. For vegetarians there is falafel and paneer. You also get a plate of pita breads separately, which is again a masterstroke.  Platter is more than enough for two persons. Twisad is their signature drink. Salad as I mentioned earlier is very fresh and tasty. The three dips in the platter, hummus, mayo and third one was I think hung curd or something. All three are good and I think again freshly prepared. And the main star of the dish is the Chicken Shawarma. Fresh chicken and perfectly cooked slices.

We finished off the meal in a flash. At the payment counter was the chef himself asking us how was the food. At that time I just said ‘good’. Hope this review answers your question.

Finally signing off 2016

Lub Lub Lebanese Baani Square is all about dreams come true. I can go on and on praising this place, but I shall stop, else this review might sound like sponsored. The Time Lock wishes Chef Ashish Singh all the best in his food journey.

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