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Matchbox, Sector 29, Gurugram

Sector 29 is the place for microbreweries. One cold foggy evening we were exploring options for freshly brewed beer in Sector 29. Our attention drifted to a place where some music was coming out of the doors. There are just two places where music spills out of the premises. One is Factory by Sutra and the other is Matchbox. We decided to check out the place and ended up having the best evening in recent times.

Location of Matchbox Sector 29

Matchbox is located on the ground floor of one of the buildings in Sector 29. There is nothing special in the location or the decoration to distinguish either. But you wont miss it easily.

About the USP of Matchbox Sector 29

As you enter Matchbox, you are surprised by the large number of families dining inside. Families means children included. I checked out with the waiters and they confirmed that it is indeed a family friendly place. Early bird means that the place is almost empty and you get the choice of table. But at the night closes in, there is a steady stream of customers. They come with two things in mind. Drinks and Dance. This place has a large range of drinks. It also has a large variety of draught beer. Draught beer in direct competition with microbreweries. There is also a small dance floor. The resident DJ is extremely talented. And as the night moves on, so does the mood. And within no time many people hit the dance floor. The numbers belted by the DJ also ensures that no one is left sitting on the table. If the dance floor is full, you may find someone standing and dancing on chairs. Tables are arranged in a row next to the wall. High chairs in set of four are placed in the center. Dance floor is towards the end of the hall. The other side of the hall is mostly occupied by a huge bar.

About the food

Matchbox Sector 29 has a huge array of drinks. We stuck to our favorite, the draught beer. This time we tried Bira Blonde. Beer is good here. The other options are Kingfisher and Fosters. Service is fast. The waiters also explains various options well. Beer prices are attractive. Food options are mostly secondary to the drinks. Options for food are pasta, burger, pizza, salads, grill, sizzlers and full meal options. Actually if you look closer, the food menu is also exhaustive. There is also a long list of snacks. We ordered two snacks. During rush hours, the food does take time to arrive at the table. But that is acceptable. Service is good. Food prices are moderate and portions will suffice two people.

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