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Mathews Cafe, R K Puram, New Delhi

Where in Delhi can you possibly have south Indian food, street food style. Lots of places. But this was one we missed out in the most obvious of all places. Mathew’s Cafe is located right outside Delhi Tamil Sangam. It is a community center. And right outside on the street is Mathews Cafe. This tiny outlet serves some of the best south Indian dishes in Delhi.

Location of Mathew’s Cafe

No problems here as it is easily visible from the main road. It is right opposite a prominent landmark. It is also correctly marked on Google Maps.

About the outlet

When you are looking at having street food in Delhi there are a few key pointers. Fast service, good taste and light on the pocket. Hygiene is always an issue with Delhi. So that part can be conveniently ignored. Mathew’s Cafe fits the bill in all these areas. This part of Delhi is crowded with vehicles all day long. Plus there is a huge Govt establishment just across the road. And when the hunger pangs strike, they all make a bee line to Mathew’s Cafe for some delightful south Indian food at lightning speed.

Now let us compare this outlet with one of the top south Indian restaurants in places like CP and Janpath. Though unfair, I cannot resist the temptation.

  • There is no waiting. At Mathew’s Cafe there is always space to stand at any table and dive into your meal.
  • It does not take time for food to arrive. We care familiar with the tiffins chain in Secunderabad. And hence surprised when it takes twenty minutes for a dosa to arrive. But at the Mathew’s Cafe it is back to the standard of three to five minutes.
  • Unbelievable prices. In Rs 100 you have a tummy full of meal. That is less than $ 2.
  • Taste. This part I did not expect what I found. Out of the world taste. Mostly due to use of fresh ingredients.
  • Unlimited Sambar and chutney. Yes, there is no cheapness here.

About the food

The menu mostly consists of dosas, uttappams, rices and wadas. Then there is upma, tea and coffee. Sambar, chutney and rasam is also available as sides. I ordered a dosa and dal wada with rasam. Dosa was nice and crispy. The filling was equally good. Portions were generous. The oilyness or the ghee part was well within control. But it was the dal wada and rasam which surprised us. Rasam as we all know is a symphony of spices. Rasam and Dal Wada combo is amazing. Rasam has the spicy zing, but the spiciness does not overwhelm you. Everything is self service here. You have to stand and eat food. Someone does come and clear your plates once finished. There is traffic chaos all around. And during peak meal hours this place might get crowded. Also just to add on, this is a cash only place.

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