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Milko’s, Delhi Cantt, New Delhi

Is food all about chic restaurants and mall like setting or about the local stores. Delhi is the place where you get a pair of grilled lamb ribs and one kg of raw mutton at the same cost. Delhi is also the place where a sweet shop opens at nine in the morning on eve of Raksha Bandhan. And by 11 o clock all items are sold out. Yes, Delhi is all about these little known local shops and restaurants.

Location of Milko’s, Delhi Cantt

Milko’s is located in Gopinath Bazar or Shastri Bazar as it is also known. It is right on the main road. Nearest landmark is the huge office complex of a courier company. This place is also very popular with locals. You just need to ask for directions.

About the sweet shop

I first heard about Milko’s when we had a private party and the menu was under finalization. For desserts, it was decided Rasmalai and someone said Milko’s and there was universal approval. That time, I being a newbie was wondering what is this place and why the almost instant approval. When I had the first bite of the rasmalai, I ended up finishing whatever was left over. The juices were lapped up and I went the next day to investigate what is this place.

From that time on, Milko’s has become our regular as far as sweets is concerned. Come winters, their Gajar Halwa is irresistible. Their sweets are fresh. Pure Desi Ghee. Sweets are made in limited quantities. Presentation is not so good. But taste is spot on and consistent. In quick snacks we have samosas. In sweet items the most famous is milk cake. It looks different than normally available in Delhi. But taste is amazing. Another popular item is pinni ladoos.

The shop is small. There is just a counter. No seating. Service is slow, no problems with that though. Prices are reasonable. Parking is free and sufficient in Delhi Cantt markets. When you are in this part of the town, do drop by to savor what can be arguably the best sweets available in Delhi.

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