Model Town Lake

Model Town Lake has a twin surprise for photographers

In the middle of a posh residential area in Model Town is a spectacular lake. Roughly rectangular in shape with an island in between, this lake is like an oasis in the middle of nowhere. It has boating facilities and a walking track. There are places to sit and admire the view. Conservation efforts by the local agencies and state govt has kept this place in a good state. Ducks, birds and scenic beauty all around.

Day photography

Seasonal birds and the ducks are good photography subjects for the day time. Plus water reflections and view.

Model Town Lake

Reflections of buildings is fascinating.

Night photography at Model Town Lake

This place lights up at night. But first a few words of caution. Protect yourself adequately against the mosquitoes. Full sleeves and neck covered. You could be good with some mosquito repellent also. There are a lot of unsavory elements around the walking track and seating area of the lake. Residents have tried their level best to curb the issues, but this could be a long drawn process. This is an affluent neighborhood, but do keep an eye open for trouble.

Reflections of lights from the streets and houses. Cars passing in the road give an opportunity to capture light trail reflections in the water. This part I could not achieve. Maybe another visit soon. Fish eye lens has been used to create the flare effect.

Model Town Lake is located walking distance from the metro station or you can just drive there if you are having additional photography equipment. Parking is adequate.

PS – Despite being enthusiastic and upbeat about this opportunity at reflection photography at night, apparently my wife found the pics to be rather drab and unimpressive.

Maybe a bit clearer and sharper lights reflected will charm her.

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