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Motuu’s Terminus, Sector 50, Baani Square, Gurugram

Motuu’s Terminus is a paan shop. How to and what to write in a review for a paan shop. After all paan shops are small with limited items on the menu. Plus it is just a little dessert. Dosent matter if it is widely used in India and some countries abroad. But Motuu’s Terminus is a bit different than the usual paan shops you find littered on the streets of India.

Location of Motuu’s Terminus

Motuu’s Terminus is part of the Food Mall of Baani Square. It is located in Sector 50, Gurugram. This place is a prominent landmark on Google Maps.

What is paan

Paan is a roll of betel plant leaf. It is heart shaped something akin to the ace of spades. The size of the leaf is good enough to stuff it with number of ingredients, form a roll and stuff it in the mouth in one go. The ingredients include Areca Nut which is also known as betel nut not to be confused with betel plant. Dry coconut and gulkand which is a sweet mixture of rose petals and other stuff. Lime, katha and other smaller items. Both paan making and paan eating is considered an art in many parts of the country. Betel leaf is an important article of worship. It is in its simplest form, the best natural mouth refresher after a heavy meal. It also improves digestion. The betel leaf also has a few health benefits. Plus the leaf is an aphrodisiac. Recent times, paan chewing is all about taste and fun. More and more varieties and flavors of paan are being rediscovered.

About Motuu’s Terminal

Just comparing the size of this place, it is huge compared to road side stall. This place offers much more services than a normal paan. There are usual paan flavors. Then there are some strange flavors like Wasabi Paan and Schewan Paan. Other strange items on the menu are Paan Skewers and Paan sundae. Then there is a Mumbai Spl Paan and kids paan. This being our second visit, I could not help noticing how neatly the shop is arranged. The paan workstation is also spic and span. The interiors are lit nice and bright. Top quality ingredients are used in paan preparation. The place is well stocked with most items related to the paan industry. This place also provides hukkah or sheesah services on hire.

The exteriors and interiors are designed like a train and a terminus. There is a prominent traffic light which changes colors. A nice chain to stop the train. This is a very exclusive and interesting paan shop.

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