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Muffins, Janakpuri, New Delhi

Food Bloggers usually review or write about the best of what is on offer. Review details on what is good and what is not. The aim of writing an article is attracting the max possible visitors and also to get it top on the search results. It took a great deal of time for me to decide to write this article. There are a few restaurants which have been rated very low on Zomato. Please do not take this as an attempt at humor at someones else’s expense. There is always something to learn and some positive to take away.

Location of Muffins

Muffins is located at a very prominent location in B-3 Block, Janakpuri. It has a commercial complex nearby and lots of houses in the vicinity.The place is located right on the main road and one cannot miss it, even from a moving vehicle.

About the cafe

Muffins can be categorized as cafe. It has cakes, pastries, muffins and lots of other quick snacks items. Other range of items like cookies and similar bakery items are also available. There are a lot of commercial and residential places in the immediate vicinity. This means they are going to attract customers from both residential as well as commercial places. And with no competition in the vicinity, this place should have had a dream run. There is ample parking in front and around the cafe. This place has no seating. So it is mostly standing or parcel.

This cafe has been rated an average of 1.9 out of 5 on Zomato.

Most of the reviewers have complained about stale food. The reason might be a drop in business. A few reviewers have pointed out the fact that this place was good earlier. That only points out to overall neglect from the management which has allowed things to drop to such a low. Quite a sizeable reviewers have complained about the bad service and a rude owner. This is a paradox in itself. Since the number of customers are low, there should be a personalized service at the least. A few reviewers have also revisited this place hoping for a good service, but were disappointment.

We used to frequently pass this place in our vehicle. And one day decided to check for ourselves. We ordered a pastry and a bakery item. The pastry was nicely done up and looked appealing. Same was reflected by one of the reviewers. The layout and presentation is very good. We also saw rows and rows of baked cakes without the icing lying in at least three glass door fridges. That is too many of cakes baked and ready when this place sees so less customers. The pastry was dry and might have been a bit old, but the snack item was definitely not fresh. We agree with the stale part of reviews. We got good and fast service. But we observed that there were far too many people over the counter in the tiny space.

muffins janakpuri

The ambience and location of this place is very nice. The range of pastries and muffins can be cut down to prepare limited but fresh quantities. The number of cakes on display need to be cut down too. This place also needs just one person behind the counter. This place has a lot of promise and scope to improve business.

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