Multi-Media Show at India Gate Lawns – Armed Forces – Pride of the Nation

A light and sound show is being organized at India Gate Lawns from 12 to 18 Aug 2017 from evening 7:30 pm to 10 pm. The Multi-Media show is split in three distinct parts. First one covers a short film highlighting achievements of the Armed Forces. Second is the laser show highlighting the achievements of the Armed Forces since Independence. Third is the sound and light show with special effects. All these three parts loop continuously.

Location of multi-media show at India Gate Lawns

India Gate Lawns are located at the east of India Gate. It is well marked on Google Maps.

Approach roads will be blocked till 15 Aug 2017 due to security reasons. Next three days parking will be available next to India Gate. From parking it is short walk to the stage.

Other points to note

The general area is dark to maintain the effects. There are no seating arrangements. Take proper anti mosquito precautions.

Quality of Multi-Media show at India Gate Lawns is top notch. Sound effects are beautiful. Video and projections are wonderful and clear.

The backdrop of India Gate adds lots of wonder to the show.

multi-media show India Gate lawns



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