national science centre, new delhi

National Science Centre, New Delhi

No other thing is so much influential in a child’s life as much as what science can be or do.

National Science Centre, New Delhi is one such example. The essence of science housed in one complex. A delightful journey, for both parents and children.

Location of National Science Centre, New Delhi and how to reach there

Finding this place is not so difficult. Well marked on Google Maps and right there on the main road. But this locality of Pragati Maidan has always been intriguing and intimidating to the outsider. Wide roads, no parking, no tree shade around, not too many sign boards, etc. So the best way to reach is by your own vehicle or cab. Nearest metro stations are Pragati Maidan and Indraprastha. But there is good amount of walking distance, once you get down. Bus routes are next best option, But plan your journey well in advance.

National Science Centre, New Delhi has its own parking area, but there is always a possibility that it will be either non functional or full.

Entry related information

There are different entry fee structures and permutations. Here is the link for complete details

Nominal entry fees are Rs 50 per head. Parking is Rs 30 for one car. Please note that there is just one ticket counter. It can take a considerable time if some big group arrives. Also there are different fees for different activities. Each of the shows or activities have timings. Keep a plan for four to five hours if you want to cover all the things.

Inside the National Science Centre, New Delhi

As you enter the great hall, you are greeted by the huge kinetic energy based running balls structure. It is quite impressive.

Exhibits displayed inside are world class. They are either just information or most of the times, informative as well as activity based.

There is a set pattern for the tour, but you can choose any gallery or section as you wish. Here is a list of the main attractions

prehistoric section

  • Science and Technology Heritage – The story of our scientific journey all through the ages.
  • Water Gallery – An entire section devoted to water, its sources, properties and conservation.
  • Prehistoric Gallery – A peep into the long lost world with sometimes life like models.
  • Fun Science Gallery – A collection of working exhibits, which explain various principles of science. This section is particularly a hit with children.
  • Human Biology Section – A range of exhibits explaining the various nuances of human body.
  • Information Technology Section – An introduction to the world of IT.
  • Science on Sphere (SoS) – A not to be missed attraction where multiple projectors on a white globe give beautiful and breath taking effects.
  • 3D Film Show – Another attraction where a 3 D movie is screened for the audience.

The facilities for this place are all there including a cafeteria. Overall the place is maintained quite well considering the daily footfall of visitors.


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