naturals ice cream, GK 2

Naturals Ice Cream, Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi

Every time you walk in a Naturals Ice Cream outlet, you have that feeling of excitement as to which flavor to enjoy today. In most of the Naturals Ice Cream outlet which we have visited till date, there is lots of fun and excitement. Some of them even have two floors of seating. This time we visited a place where there is no seating inside the shop.

Location of Naturals Ice Cream, Greater Kailash (GK) 2

Naturals Ice Cream in Greater Kailash 2 or GK 2 as it is commonly known is located in the corner part of JMD Kohinoor Mall. This being the only Mall in GK 2 means that lots of people come here to leisure around. Not too many food options are available in this mall. But that means business at Naturals Ice Cream is going to be roaring as usual.

About the outlet

This outlet is very small. There is only room for about ten people to stand. There is very little space to move around. So this means place your order, grab you ice cream and then enjoy it outside. This also means that during rush hours there will be a long queue. This is the only problem faced by this outlet. Else everything is above par. Ice Creams are very good. Their premiumness and freshness is a reason that sometimes you might find flavors out of stock. The staff is well trained and courteous. Service is very fast. They do not take much time to fulfill your order. Time taken is by mostly customers deciding which flavor to taste today. Prices at this outlet is standard across all outlets. Prices are reasonable and are as per the quality which they offer.

There is a choice between the single and double scoop. Also the waffle cone is not to be missed. The whole place is maintained neat and clean. There is always a supervisor to keep a watch over things. So like all the outlets of Naturals Ice Cream, this one too is too good.

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