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Nehru Place Market, New Delhi – Dream.IT shop.IT

My fascination for gadgets is nothing like anything. So a trip to place like Nehru Place Market New Delhi is a pilgrimage of sorts. Nehru Place has changed over the years. What once was a hub for computer assembly is now all about laptop repairs and mobile repairs. One business that has not changed is the photocopy. So much for the paperless office.

nehru place market

Here we also have the top brands showcasing their hardware, PCs, printers, laptops, etc. But new entrants are mobile and CCTV camera shop. You can also find cartridge refill shops in small nook and corners. Data recovery services are also available. And in all that we have hawkers selling all kinds of warez.

How to reach Nehru Place Market New Delhi

Reaching there, parking, eating is all a big pain. Best bet is the Delhi Metro. A five minute walk will take you right inside the market. Shopping then movie and then food at the Epicurea Food Mall.

Somethings you need to remember

This place is also an office complex and shopping complex. Rush hours is whole day.

Fixed priced shops or Bargain hubs, chose your pick carefully.

If you are in a bargaining mode allow for more time to search.

It is a good idea to insist on a bill.

Though all the shops are there to do legitimate business, be careful of a too good to be true deal.

Check out the rates from multiple locations.

Plan the trip between 11 in the morning upto 7 in the evening. To avoid traffic choose 4 PM.

While at it, I also had an opportunity to click some 360 Degree photos and videos too.

Ricoh Theta app has this new feature of animation. Here are two clips of Nehru Place Market New Delhi.

And finally a small clip of the busy market. Actually there are three clips merged together.


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